dimanche 31 janvier 2010

Giovanni closes its doors!

The famous fashion agency Giovanni surprised all the world by announcing the end of its activities.The agency represented many models like Irina Lazareanu and it was the most prestigious in Montreal.

samedi 30 janvier 2010

Dominique Bertrand and her autobiography

The former model and radio host Dominique Bertrand just published her autobiography: Démaquillée. A fascinating book but also very motivating to face obstacles of life. The book is for both men and women. A must read!

Serge Marcil (1944-2010) Tragic destiny!

The former Member of Parliement (Ottawa and Quebec) Serge Marcil known a tragic fate when he died at thee arthquake in Haiti. His colleague from Quebec who accompanied him came down to the 4th floor of the hotel while Serge continued until the 5th. The tremor then occurred ...
Link story La Presse canadienne
Link story La Presse

vendredi 29 janvier 2010

News Senators in Ottawa - Pierre-Hugues Boivenu

The Prime Minister Stephen Harper has appointed news Senators and amongst then is Pierre Hugue Boivenu.

Pierre Karl Peladeau and the Dinosaurs

Pierre-Karl Péladeau is not happy to be compared to a Dinosaur... He wrote an article about it in Le Devoir.
January 28 2010

The future of computers by Steve Jobs

The computers journalists are not very much impressed by the new iPad presented by Steve Jobs. Here are two analyses.
Link The Wall Street Journal
Link The New York Times
January 27 2010

Barack Obama is back

Barack Obama will not quit the fight for his ideas. His speech to the Congress is the proof of it!
The warrior is back...
Link The Wall Street Journal
Link The New York Times
January 27 2010

Conrad Black become a teacher at McGill University

Conrad Black has been a teacher for 15 minutes at McGill University.
The students did not know in advance but they were very happy!
Link to the National Post story
January 26 - 2010