mercredi 31 juillet 2013

Lac Mégantic and politicians ...

by Bernard Bujold ( -
The tragedy of Lac Mégantic is terrible but it is extremely naive of politicians to believe that the train company will hasten to pay no contest and will not use up all the laws to share the responsibility as possible. 
Even the mighty Barack Obama was unable to have block the valve well while oil flowed in nature, even if common sense imposed the action but that the laws of the time allowed to wait... 
The role of politicians is to ensure that such events do not recur by imposing different rules, tougher and above all safer. The fault of the tragedy at Lac Mégantic is not only that of the train company but also governments at all levels (federal, provincial and municipal), who accepted and lived with the situation and regulations in place at the time. 
The solution to a tragedy never exist! 
What is destroyed never returns! 
Megantic village as it existed before Friday, July 6 will never exist again except in the memory ... What will exist is the new Lac Mégantic and what it will become tomorrow with new rules and new economic priorities.
Photo 1: Pauline Marois, Mayor of Lake Megantic and Barack Obama;
Photo 2: Lac Mégantic after the tragedy;
Photo 3: Lake Magantic before the tragedy;
See report on the claims-Le Devoir;

mardi 30 juillet 2013

Mayor of Montreal 2013...

by Bernard Bujold ( - 
It is only 96 days of campaigning before the next Quebec municipal elections and the one in Montreal! 
I've decided on "half" of my vote... 
I will vote for the former journalist Philippe Schnobb as Ward Counselor but not for his leader as mayor! (Two different votes are recorded on each ballot) 
I'm really not excited by any of the candidates for mayor! I'll probably have to fall back on the "least worst" from the list... My ideal candidate would be a kind Mario Dumont! 
Interested candidates for the post of mayor or councilor in Quebec have until Oct. 4 to submit their candidacy for the election of Sunday, November 3, 2013. 
If Mario Dumont is candidate for mayor of Montreal, I vote for him... 
Photo 1: Mario Dumont;
Photo 2: Philippe Schnobb;
Photo 3: City of Montreal;
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See page Facebook Philippe Schnobb ;

lundi 29 juillet 2013

The best year of my life ...

by Bernard Bujold ( -
A radio station in Montreal (CBC) recently asked its guests of the day what was the best year of their lives? The death of a relative or acquaintance, such as Luc Beauregard or victims of Lac Mégantic, also makes us think especially about this kind of philosophical question... 
Personally, my best year of life was the one of 1984. Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was elected on September 4, 1984 and I found myself in his team in Ottawa since I been a faithful organizer of the campaign, in New Brunswick. 
The atmosphere in Ottawa was amazing and the whole 1984 Brian's team felt that the future belonged to us and that we could change the world! In my case, there were also the recent birth of my two children in 1982 and 1983, and all expectations that are attached to a new family. 
The memories of this year are among the warmest memory of my life. 
Unfortunately, no I have not changed the world... 
And you, which is the best year of your life? 
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold - Ottawa (1984);
Photo 2: Brian and Mila Mulroney - Baie Comeau (1984);
See pictures from 1984 ;

LUC BEAUREGARD (1941-2013)

by Bernard Bujold ( -
Seriously ill for several months with cancer, Luc Beauregard (72 next month) died Friday July 26, 2013. He founded the public relations firm National. 
I had known the character well since in the late 1980s when his office was located at 1600 boul. Rene Levesque West, Montreal where we discussed the possibility that I opened an office of National in Ottawa. Finally, the negotiations did not succeed and it is Luc Lavoie who opened later the office in Ottawa and I found myself Assistant to the President of Quebecor, Pierre Peladeau. Oddly enough, the destiny wanted that the same Luc Lavoie became assistant to Pierre-Karl Peladeau a few years after I left Quebecor... 
Luc Beauregard and I stayed good friends until, for an unknown reason, Peladeau would not pay a $ 10,000 bill for advice provided by National Public Relations to a Quebecor subsidiary. Luc Beauregard approached me to be paid but I could not convince the president to do so... 
Beauregard was not revenger but he had a long memory. When Peladeau died in 1997 and I had to get myself a new employment, Luc often put a spoke in my wheels because of this story od a invoice refused. I even lost a job where I started in the morning but I had to leave in the afternoon after a phone call from National cabinet suggesting not to use my services or otherwise it would cause problems. It was in the government of Bernard Landry in 2002. 
I knew for several months that Luc was terminally ill with cancer. I never talked about this situation because I wanted to respect his agony. Even though we were on bad terms during the last year of his life, I retain a warm memory of Luc including a trip we had done together in the James Bay as an observer. That was in 1994! 
Luc Beauregard has marked the history of Montreal, as well as mine, and his departure saddens me because it also means the end of an important chapter in the book of my own life... 
No hard feelings dear Luc and goodbye! 
Photo 1 and 2: Luc Beauregard;
Photo 3: National Bureau of late 1980;
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The new book by J.K. Rowling is a bestseller ...

by Bernard Bujold ( -
Several book stores in Montreal (including my favorite INDIGO) received hundreds of paper the new book by JK Rowling copies: "The cuckoo's calling".
I read the book in a few days and it's really excellent. A real "page-turner" at its best. Moreover, the book has already exceeded Dan Brown's book "Inferno" in the first position of the ranking sales in the E-Book section. It is interesting to note that the book initially signed by the nickname Robert Galbraith had received good reviews but did not sell. In London, they sold 400 copies only. Since the unveiling of the secret that the author is actually J.K Rowling, it is storm in bookstores everywhere and the editor have precipitated with the plates at the printer for reprints. It now expects to sell millions of copies. A difference that made ​​a name rather than another on the cover... 
But one conclusion remains inescapable, it is an outstanding book and it is to read! 
Photo 1: Cover of the book;
Photo 2: J.K. Rowling;
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vendredi 26 juillet 2013

Mick Jagger is 70 years old...

by Bernard Bujold ( -
MICK JAGGER is 70 years old today (July 26, 2013).
He is happy with his life but he would have liked to be a teacher or a journalist as he considers singing "intellectually undemanding..." Jagger was a student at the London School of Economics when the Stones were starting out. 
Happy Birthday Mick!
Photo 1: Mick Jagger;
Photo 2: Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones;
See interview Mick Jagger ;

jeudi 25 juillet 2013

La Presse of Montreal and its future...

by Bernard Bujold ( -
LA PRESSE of Montreal fired employees of its newsroom and some see it as a sign that La Presse + would not be profitable. 
The Journal of Montreal announced the layoffs: 

 "Three months after launching its application for tablet La Presse + at a cost of 40 million$, the daily La Presse comes to layoff discreetly seven employees of its newsroom. The information obtained by our Bureau of Investigation, was confirmed yesterday afternoon by a spokesman for the Montreal newspaper, which is part of Empire Power Corporation. "We would like to clarify that it is (...) seven layoffs of employees (Designers and journalists) surplus of the newsroom. We have no comment about it, "wrote us by email Anne-Marie Desautels, Senior Advisor, Communications.
Contacted, Professor of Communications at the University of Ottawa Marc-François Bernier was not surprised by the announcement. This is the sign of possible financial difficulties, he said. The free La Presse+ puts pressure on vendors of advertising and it is far from clear that La Presse+ fulfills its objective of this side currently, he said. "It's hard to believe that La Presse + is profitable at the moment when looking at the state of the market. For what I understand, they want to sell the pub more expensive on a tablet than on paper. This is unheard of, " he said. According to the media expert, La Presse stands apart by choosing give its content free on the Internet, whereas most other newspapers in Europe and North America have opted for a formula hybrid, where some items are paid. "There are not many people who understands the business model of La Presse +" he said. The professor admits to be  one of the skeptics on this business plan. "It will be terrible for jobs if La Presse + does not work" he expressed. "

Note that the editor Guy Crevier has never hidden its intention to phasing out its paper edition for the version Internet. The question: is he winning his challenge? 
To be continued...
Photo 1: La Presse Building;
Photo 2: Guy Crevier;
Photo 3: The Newsroom La Presse;
See interview with Guy Crevier at the launch La Presse + (April 2013) ;

mardi 23 juillet 2013


by Bernard Bujold ( -
The new baby of the royal couple Kate and William was the star of all the world's media before he even see the day! The boy weighed 8 pounds, 6 ounces and is in excellent health. 
The birth of a child is the most beautiful event in human life as it offers hope for the world of tomorrow. In reality, it may be disappointment at the end but hope of the present time is real. This gives us hope!
Some people criticized the overemphasis about the baby birth by the media! Yet if the media had not addressed the issue, the public would have been the first to complain... 
Personally I agree that the news is a kind of circus but I much prefer a circus full of hope as the birth a baby rather than a circus of death and hell as the Lac Mégantic... 
Congratulations to the royal couple and long life and success to the new baby! 
Photo 1 and 2: Kate, William and the new baby;
Photo 3: Elizabeth II;
Photo 4: Public outside the hospital;
Photo 5: Journalist at the first public appearance of the baby;
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vendredi 19 juillet 2013


by Bernard Bujold ( - 
The publication on the front page of a photo of Boston Marathon terrorist by Rolling Stone raised a protest movement in the United States with some citizens, but the editors of various media advocate the use of such a picture as being an editorial look and not a support to the individual. They are right! 
Here in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, we could say the same of Lac Mégantic. All media fill their space (internet, paper or TV) with reports on the subject including biographical texts about Edward Burkhardt. If the media does not do so, the public is disappointed because we expect from the media to tell us about the bad news. In a sense, the scandals and tragedies are the stars of the day, and it is the public who wants that! 
According to The New York Times, the scandal of the photo should push the sales of the magazine Rolling Stone to an exceptional amount well beyond its usual numbers... 
Photo 1: Cover of Rolling Stone magazine;
Photo 2: Edward Burkhardt;
See report ROLLING STONE magazine
Editorial The New York Times ;

jeudi 18 juillet 2013

The golden age of the print magazines...

by Bernard Bujold ( 
Quebecor bought the magazine LA SEMAINE and his editions of books. The book section will be added to other editions of Quebecor. 
The announcement of the sale of La Semaine to Quebecor does not say what will happen to Pierre Bourdon, a mainstay of the Quebec book world, who had agreed to join the group Charron a few months ago in March 2013. One could say that it will be a homecoming for Bourdon if he comme back to Quebecor but no mention has been made about his future. 
I knew very well Claude J. Charron and his management style. Charron is actually a student of media mogul Pierre Peladeau and he has always publicly admitted deeply admiring his mentor and apply his management methods. A close compatibility with a concentrated look at every expense and priority in favor of profit with in addition, an instinct to seize opportunities.
Charron and I were not in very good personal terms! 
If he loved Peladeau, who was also my mentor, Charron was also a close friend of Jean Neveu, who is the one who put an end to my career at Quebecor after the death of Pierre Peladeau for who I was the deputy... 
But beyond my personal feelings about the publisher Charron, it should be noted that the sale of La Semaine means a turning point for the industry of paper magazine in Quebec and one could see a swan song. There is no other independent publishers like Charron to take over and the Internet is taking over into this sector. La Presse+ is an example of the turning that take the media in 2013 in the abandonment of the paper. Fashion is no longer for paper format publications. We will see later what Quebecor do with the structures he just bought from La Semaine group but nothing is won yet in this dying industry. 
Charron's retirement means the end of an era that favored the paper edition, a time when the profit margin of the industry reached easily from 30 to 40%, whereas today it is no more than a few percent, when it is not a loss! 
I wish good luck to Pierre Bourdon and his projects! 
To be continued... 
Photo 1: The Week Magazine and Claude J. Charron;
Photo 2: Claude J. Charron and Pierre Bourdon;
Photo 3: Pierre Peladeau (1925-1997);
See story La Presse sale La Semaine
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mercredi 17 juillet 2013


By Bernard Bujold ( - 
Eternal youth exist and it is found in children. If we say that love has no age, we can also say that energy, laughter and affection of children are endless! 
Conclusion: It is necessary to enjoy and admire the beauty and youth of children because this is the only real wealth of human life... 
Photo 1: Stephanie Bujold-Dalton and Ava;
Photo 2: Ava Bujold-Dalton and Bernard Bujold;
Photos 3 and 4: Ava Bujold-Dalton;
See photo album ;

lundi 15 juillet 2013


By Bernard Bujold ( - 
It seems that the Beach of the Old Port of Montreal (Clock Tower Beach ) does not want to be as popular as the one of Paris... 
Despite the free access, it is not crowded under the umbrellas in the Old Port of Montreal! It does not seem to be more attractive with pay and musical events presented on the beach after 17 hours. 
This facility however has cost more than $3 million, but it must be said that the absence of the water make the site less inviting as close by there are pools of water where you can rent paddle boats for a few dollars and wet your feet for free (in front of the Bonsecours Market). Finally, the Beach of the Old Port of Montreal is located at the eastern end of the site, an area less frequented by tourists who prefer the central sector of the federal site. 
Sad, but it is the public who decides! 
This is especially bad for the $ 3 Million... 
Photo 1-2: Beach Old Port of Montreal;
Photo 3: Water pool at Bonsecours Market;
See site of the Old Port of Montreal ;

jeudi 11 juillet 2013

Cote de Pablo (ZIVA DAVID) will leave NCIS-CBS ...

by Bernard Bujold ( - 
This is the only television and she is only a character in a series but it is as if my best friend was leaving for good! 
Cote de Pablo (ZIVA DAVID) announced that she was leaving the CBS series NCIS during the next season. It is strange that we sometimes become as close to fiction than reality... 
Good luck to the real Cote de Pablo and thank you to Ziva David for those eight years on television. 
Life without you will not be the same! 
Photo 1-2 and 4: Cote de Pablo (ZIVA DAVID);
Photo 3: Michael Weatherly (Anthony DiNozzo), Cote de Pablo (Ziva David) and Mark Harmon (Leroy Jethro Gibbs);
See press release in English
See press release in French ;

lundi 8 juillet 2013

Lac Megantic and his destiny...

by Bernard Bujold ( - 
Does Fate really exist? It seems so... 
If not so, life is nothing more than a lottery! 
The story of the musician who survived the tragedy of Lac Mégantic while his partner on stage disappeared is a true story of destiny... 
Photo 1-2 and 3: Musi-Café;
Photo 4: Lac Megantic;
See interview musician Musi-Café
See page Facebook Musi-Café ;

vendredi 5 juillet 2013


by Bernard Bujold ( -
The strong Quebec man LOUIS CYR is the star of the time now with a new biographical book in library and a movie on the big screen. 
I knew well the legend of Louis Cyr because he was a distant cousin of my mother Anita Cyr (Acadian from Gaspé Peninsula). I remember my parents telling me that Louis Cyr was the strongest man in the world! My mother even compared him to her own father: 
"It's in the genes of Cyr ..." she said. 
The story of Louis Cyr was written much but the new book is the most complete. 
My friend Ben Weider had already published in several editions a biography shorter and anecdotal which was a success but the book just published by Libre Expression is more biographical with many dates and specific locations. It will have to be seen about the appeal of the film on the audience, but the book is very captivating. 
Louis Cyr was a star of his time and he is a bit like Obelix, Quebec version... Does the strong man can become a star again in 2013? If the look by the press officer at Editions Libre Expression (Véronique Déry) is well observed, there is every reason to think so! The latter would make an excellent Falbala... 
Photo 1: Cover of Louis Cyr - Libre Expression;
Photo 2: Anita Cyr;
Photo 3: Louis Cyr and the Libre Expression Press Secretary Véronique Dery;
See official website of the book;

jeudi 4 juillet 2013

Military Coup in Egypt...

by Bernard Bujold ( -
Military Coup in Egypt would be the beginning of a civil war in the country.
Many observers believe that the role of the Army will reach a point where it will no longer be limited between political opponents but confrontation with a large area of any local population estimated at over 82 million. 
A few hours after the ouster of President-elect Morsi, the State Department U.S. has ordered the evacuation of all non-essential personnel the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. 
To be continued...
Photo 1: General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi Egypt Army;
Photo 2: Night overthrow Egypt;
Photo 3: Barack Obama after the overthrow;
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Montreal City Hall 2013...

by Bernard Bujold ( - 
A new candidate for mayor of Montreal has joined the race and this is Marcel Côté. 
One should attend a three-way race with Richard Bergeron as the third candidate against Denis Coderre. Candidate Mélanie Joly does not seem to take off and if the rumor is true that the publisher Michel Brûlé will announce his candidacy next week, it will only be an amusing distraction in the campaign... 
Marcel Côté is the most serious candidate to date and he is supported by some very important people from Montreal but who are wanting to stay out of the race. Marcel Côté is the character forefront for the movement: "Anybody but Coderre" .
To be continued... 
Photo 1: City Hall of Montreal;
Photo 2: Marcel Côté and Denis Coderre (inset);
See story La Presse;