mardi 31 janvier 2012

Rafael Nadal in an interview after the match in Melbourne, Australia ..

Rafael Nadal writes on his Facebook page after the match of 6 hours in Melbourne, Australia.
Photo 1: Rafael Nadal ;
See interview Rafael Nadal Facebook ;

The end of an era in photography ...

It's the end of photo kiosks black and white as known in several metro stations in Montreal. The future is digital color ...
Photo 1: Photo Booth silver;
See story LA PRESSE ;

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, joins the Simpsons ...

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, returns to the media forefront.
First there is his appeal for extradition which will be heard February 1 and 2, then there will be his next talk show on Russian television, and finally on February 19 Assange will join as a character in the 500th issue Simpsons on FOX TV.
"Julian is back ..."
Photo 1 and 2: Julian Assange on The Simpsons ;

lundi 30 janvier 2012

The Shafia case is similar to the case of Dr. Guy Turcotte

The jury's verdict in the case Shafia was delivered in a day and a half of deliberations.
One can make a direct comparison with the cause of Dr. Guy Turcotte. In both cases, we attended the murders of young children. Unfortunately, the guilty verdict was not decided in the case of Dr. Turcotte, even if the evidence of the killings were far more obvious and inevitable.
Conclusion: Shafia might have been better to plead insanity ... (Joke)
Photo 1: Dr. Guy Turcotte and Mohammad Shafia ;
Photo 2: Shafia's family ;

dimanche 29 janvier 2012

Tennis and its champions: Novak Djokovic against Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal has lost to Novak Djokovic but only after a game of almost 6 hours in Melbourne Australia (Monday morning, January 30th 2012) ...
It's a record!
Photo 1: Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal ;
Photo 2: Rafael Nadal ;
Photo 3: Novak Djokovic ;
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vendredi 27 janvier 2012

The new album of Leonard Cohen is in town - "OLD IDEAS"

The new album of Leonard Cohen "OLD IDEAS" arrived in Montreal ...
An album at the height of the great artist!
Photo 1: Leonard Cohen ;
Photo 2: Bernard Bujold and the album ;
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Bill Gates in an interview about life, tomorrow's computers and Steve Jobs.

Bill Gates interview on ABC News about life, next generation of computers and Steve Jobs death...
Photo 1: Bill Gates ;
Photo 2: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates ;

The new TV series of Kiefer Sutherland TOUCH

The premiere of the series TOUCH aired Wednesday night January 25 with Kiefer Sutherland has been a great success. The series will air on the regular schedule of FOX TV from next March.
To be continued.

Photo 1 and 2: Fox TV TOUCH ;

jeudi 26 janvier 2012

The audacity of the American soldiers and the calm of President Barack Obama ...

Barack Obama was able to deliver quietly his speech to the Nation as if nothing had while his Special Unit was conducting a very dangerous raid in Somalia...
It's what we call a "Poker Face" in front of the danger!

Photo 1 and 2: US Special unit ;
Photo 3: Barack and Michelle Obama ;

mercredi 25 janvier 2012

The art of politics according to U.S. President Barack Obama and his State of the Union Address

Politics is the art of seduction and to persuade others to accept the proposed ideas even if they are not proven to be the solution.
Barack Obama has the art of seduction and it is increasingly clear that it is superior to the Republican candidates whose main weakness is not to have unity among themselves. The worst enemy of the Republicans are Republicans together ...
The address to the nation is a motivational speech and, if not the absolute truth, it remains the best option when faced with economic and social problems as the American people, and even for other G-20's countries..

Photo 1 and 2: Barack Obama and the State of the Union Address ;

lundi 23 janvier 2012

The end of Gilles Duceppe is a reprieve of the death penalty for Pauline Marois but the Parti Québécois is still threatened with death...

The announcement by Gilles Duceppe of his no return to active politics after the unveiling of a financing scandal in his former party is a joy for Stephen Harper and especially a reprieve of the death sentence for Pauline Marois.
It is obvious that the leak of information on the Bloc funding is the work of his political enemies and we can name three: Stephen Harper, Pauline Marois and ultimately Jean Charest.
By eliminating Gilles Duceppe, Stephen Harper ensure himself some sort of security against Quebec separatists and Jean Charest is virtually assured of the Liberal reelection because there is no one left to take over the PQ leader job who is politically moribund. To be continued ...

Photo 1: Stephen Harper, Gilles Duceppe and Pauline Marois ;
Photo 2: Jean Charest and Stephen Harper;

dimanche 22 janvier 2012

The beginning of Star Academie 2012 with René Angelil ...

This is the start tonight (Sunday, 22 January) of Star Académie 2012(Québec).
The discovery of the evening is certainly Rene Angelil (70 years old), who sang a short song from Gilles Vigneault.
The manager of Celine Dion has voice ...
Photo 1: Gala Star Académie ;
Photo 2: René Angélil ;

samedi 21 janvier 2012

Newt Gingrich wins the Republican vote in South Carolina ...

The Republican candidate Newt Gingrich won the vote in South Carolina in front of the favored candidate Mitt Romney, but the fight is still very tight between the four candidates for the position of presidential candidate. This division between Republicans wanting to become party leader is welcome by President Barack Obama as this lack of unity makes it easier for Democrats in their efforts to prepare for the upcoming U.S. election of November 6, 2012.
Photo 1 and 2: Newt Gingrich ;


The new album of Leonard Cohen will be publicly available soon on January 31 in-store and online. Here is an excerpt.
Photo 1 and 2: Leonard Cohen
View from the album ;

vendredi 20 janvier 2012

Peter G. White, an activist of the Conservative Party of Canada, severely criticized Prime Minister Stephen Harper ...

Peter G. White, well-respected activist for the Conservative Party of Canada, severely criticized Prime Minister Stephen Harper in an open letter published in Maclean's magazine ...
Photo 1: Stephen Harper ;
Photo 2: Peter G. White ;

jeudi 19 janvier 2012

Sarah Burke is dead...

Sad news in the world of ski:
SARAH BURKE (29 years old) IS DEAD...
She was so young and so full of ambition...
Life is unfair...
Photo 1 and 2: Sarah Burke ;
Photo 3: Sarah Burke and her father Gord Burke ;
Photo 4: Sarah Burke and her husband Rory Bushfield ;

The future of politics in Quebec from Pauline Marois to Jean Charest...

The political future of Quebec seems to be dedicated to the continuity with the current Prime Minister Jean Charest.
Despite his hard work, actual PQ leader Pauline Marois failed to win the favor from the public and one wonders how far she will continue to remain chief...
While the rumor that Gilles Duceppe will take over from Pauline Marois, several other observers wonder that in order to remove the current prime minister if the solution would rather be a merger between the new party of François Legault and the Parti Québécois, but "There's many a slip twixt cup and lip" before the realisation of this dream...
Stay tuned! /
Photo 1: Pauline Marois, François Legault and Jean Charest ;
Photo 2: Pauline Marois ;
Photo 3: Gilles Duceppe ;

The archives of RUE FRONTENAC are on line...

Nice surprise on the Internet as the archives of the site Rue Frontenac are now available online on GOOGLE at the web address
An archive site particularly interesting in terms of pictures and several reports from the ex-locked out employees at Le JOURNAL DE MONTRÉAL..
In addition the name site Rue Frontenac seems to have disappeared from the Internet and it is no longer posted on the local web site La Métropole...

Picture 1: Ex- Locked out employees at Le Journal de montreal ;

mercredi 18 janvier 2012

The tragedy of the cruise ship COSTA CONCORDIA is also a real comedy ...

The story of the sinking of the cruise ship Costa Concordia is a sad and terrible tragedy but it is also a real comedy worthy of the best films of cinema funnier than Tintin and Haddock.
Imagine a captain in order to show its influence to the Kitchen Chef who decided to pass in front of the house of the Chef's parents and tell them hello with the horn of a giant ship. And now the giant boat hit rocks and began to sway on its side! The more funny thing is, however, when the Police officer ordered the captain, who flees to the mainland, back on his boat. The captain in his life boat says he can not jump because the big ship is sinking ...
This event is "very dramatic" but also a ridiculous laugh.

Photo 1,2,3 and 4: Cruise ship Costa Concordia ;
Photo 5: Captain Francesco Schettino and Coast Guard Gregorio De Falco
See record of the discussion of the Captain ;

The journalist Anderson Cooper's favorite books...

Journalist Anderson Cooper announced on his Facebook page the list of his favorite books.
The five titles are books recently published and still available in bookstores. Anderson could have added his own biography DISPATCHES FROM THE EDGE published a few years ago which is an excellent account of the journey of this American star.

Photo 1: Covers of the books;
See list of favorite books Anderson Cooper ;
See list of books suggested by ;

mardi 17 janvier 2012

What if Thomas Mulcair became NDP leader and if the female stars influenced the next Canadian election campaign?

What if Thomas Mulcair became NDP leader and then merged it with the Liberal Party? But what if the leading women also took a active role in the next election? Then all the possibilities will be on the table and the outcome unpredictable especially with the NDP who could place at the forefront Ruth Ellen Brosseau.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's re-election plan will then be complicated but the Conservative Party would probably call to the front the new wife of Peter MacKay, Nazanin Afshin-Jam.
The bets are open ...
Picture 1: Thomas Mulcair ;
Picture 2: Ruth Ellen Brosseau and Nazanin Afshin-Jam ;

lundi 16 janvier 2012

The new royal couple in Ottawa: Peter MacKay and Nazanin Afshin-Jam

The couple in fashion in Ottawa is currently Peter Mackay and Nazanin Afshin-Jam!
Their popularity is reminiscent of the royal couple Prince William and Kate. There is even a slight physical resemblance.
Nazanin and Peter made ​​the front pages of several newspapers and magazines and the couple is very popular in the National Capital. Some people also claims that the wife of Peter MacKay loves politics and that she wants to formally run for offices and occupy a significant position in Canadian politics. She describes herself as an activist for human rights.
To be continued ...

Photo 1: Peter MacKay and Nazanin Afshin-Jam