samedi 31 mars 2012

Justin Trudeau easily won his boxing match against Senator Patrick Brazeau

Justin Trudeau easily wins his battle against Senator Patrick Brazeau in the boxing ring ... A champion is born! Bravo! 
Photo 1 and 2: Justin Trudeau;
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vendredi 30 mars 2012

Boxing fight of the century - The Dandy (MP Justin Trudeau) against the Indian (Senator Patrick Brazeau)

Just a couple hours before the boxing "Fight of the Century" between the Indian (Senator Patrick Brazeau) and the Dandy (MP Justin Trudeau) - Saturday, March 31, 2012 in Ottawa at 8:30 pm. 
Justin is in remarkable form and he trains confident of victory! Senator Patrick Brazeau, nicknamed 'BRAZMAN "is also convinced of the victory against Justin Trudeau. In fact, he states that Trudeau will eat a beating... Brazeau is in great shape and he was seen at the gym cafeteria having lunch with his fans and supporters ... Several media outlets around the world are covering the event including the famous French international magazine PARIS MATCH. 
Photo 1: Justin Trudeau and Patrick Brazeau;
Photo 2: Patrick Brazeau at lunch;
Photo 3: Justin Trudeau in training;
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jeudi 29 mars 2012

Success as a gift - Jessica Paré and Lisa Leblanc ...

To what can we attribute the huge success of Jessica Paré and Lisa Leblanc? In both cases, these artists have a real talent in their art but their success is going beyond their talent. Other artists have as good television screen presence as Jessica but they will never reach the fame. It's the same for Lisa Leblanc who can sing very well but other singers do also very well yet very few people will go to see them in concert. Why? Finally the key to success for Jessica Paré and Lisa Leblanc is based on two very specific elements beyond their talent. One of the elements could be defined as the spirit of survival or in popular parlance: "They have some dog in their character...". Then we must add the phenomenon of modern internet media. But as the English say: "Enjoy! This is a godsend and it is for you." 
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Hockey Club Les Canadiens - Pierre Gauthier is out...

Who will be the next director of Canadians hockey club? Pierre Gauthier is out ... 
Geoff Molson said: "In our search for our next general manager, I have retained Serge Savard to help in this matter."
Photo 1: Former Director Pierre Gauthier;
Photo 2: Cloakroom Canadians;
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mercredi 28 mars 2012

Battle between the Indian and the dandy - Patrick Brazeau against Justin Trudeau...

Boxing and political fans will all be in front of the TV Saturday night (LCN) to watch the battle between Justin Trudeau (son of Pierre E. Trudeau) and Patrick Brazeau, a senator who grew up on the Indian reserve in Maniwaki. Trudeau is 40 and he is 6 feet 2 and 175 pounds while the "Indian" is 37 and he is 5 feet 10 and 183 pounds. Obviously bettors favor the "Indian" and many describe Trudeau as' dandy "because of his looks and his unsheathed. Justin's father was however considered a strong physical fighter unafraid and many said he had a face like "Indian Chief", which gave him a distinctive look but respectable and inspiring ... Saturday's fight will be truly an event to see and there will certainly be the presence of Pierre Elliot Trudeau in the arena! Justin Trudeau's father Pierre Elliott Trudeau was not afraid of anything and he loved to brawl ... The boxing match Saturday will recall his memory to all those who knew him and in a sense, his "ghost" will be in the ring with the boxers ...
Photo 1: Patrick Brazeau and Justin Trudeau ;
Photo 2: Pierre Elliott Trudeau (1919-2000) ;
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Love in Paris way...

The 'Love Fashion" from Paris is now in Montreal and increasingly we can see padlocks engraved with a message that lovers are locking in public places. Those in the photo, two of several, are on the promenade in the Old Port of Montreal near the future beach. Vive l'amour ...
Photo 1 et 2: Padlock in Old Montreal ;
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mardi 27 mars 2012

The Montreal actress Jessica Paré and the success of Mad Men - ZOU BISOU BISOU...

The Montreal actress Jessica Paré (Mad Men) is now recognized by all Americans for his swearing in Quebec style: "Câlisse..."
But there's more, her interpretation of the song Zou, Bisou, Bisou was so well noticed and appreciated that the producers have made ​​a record of it...
Congratulations to Jessica for her success!

Photo 1: Jessica Paré ;
Photo 2: Don Draper and Jessica Paré ;
Photo 3: Album cover Zou Bisou Bisou by Jessica Paré ;
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Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - 126th Anniversary ...

Google has made an official tribute today (March 27, 2012) on his home page to the architect Mies van der Rohe and his 126th birthday.
This architect designed many building in Montreal and Phyllis Lambert is a great admirer of him with whom she has collaborated directly.

Photo 1: Logo Google;
Photo 2: Mies van der Rohe;
Photo 3: 201 Corot - Nuns' Island (Quebec);
Photo 4: Phyllis Lambert by Bernard Bujold;
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lundi 26 mars 2012

Madonna invades the Internet and social networks to launch his new album MDNA

Madonna invades the Internet and social networks to launch her new album.
She has posted a Facebook page and she will present special sessions Live on Twitter.

Photo 1: Cover of the album;
Photo 2: Madonna at Facebook in New York;
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Nicolas Sarkozy became the favorite for the presidential elections of France ...

Nicolas Sarkozy becomes favorite for the French presidential elections April 26 (first round) following the violent events of Toulouse.
The great strength of Sarko seems to be his reaction to a serious crisis. He had also attract attention and start his international career (1993) following the hostage taking in Neuilly.
Stay tuned!

Photo 1 and 2: Nicolas Sarkozy;
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Deep Sea Challenge - At the bottom of the ocean with James Cameron ...

A unique and amazing aventure in the depths of the sea:
Deep Sea Challenge by James Cameron

Photo 1 and 2: James Cameron and his vehicle;
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samedi 24 mars 2012

NDP Leadership 2012: Thomas Mulcair is the new leader

Thomas Mulcair won the leadership of the NDP by 33.881 votes (57.2%) against Brian Topp 25.329 votes (42.8%).
Thomas Mulcair's victory is also a victory for Quebec members of the NDP party as several supported him.

Photo 1: Thomas Mulcair ;
Photo 2: Brian Topp ;
Photo 3: Ruth Ellen Brosseau and Thomas Mulcair ;

Lisa Leblanc directly from Acadia ...

Lisa Leblanc has a pure talent and this is very rare those days...
Her first album will be in stores Tuesday, March 27.
This album is entirely different and very artistic!

Photo 1: Album cover and Lisa Leblanc;
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vendredi 23 mars 2012

Renée Martel, singer eternal...

The singer Renée Martel was on Denis Lévesque (French TV TVA)) last night and like him, a lot of people have certainly listened and sang the famous song by Renee: "I have a love that refuses to die..."
Another wonderful song by Rene, a song that is resuming perfectly every one human life: "My Story"
Would you believe that she is 65 years old...
Renée Martel has recently launched a new album of songs (Une femme libre) and she is preparing a new tour starting in June.
Congratulations Renee!

Photo 1, 2 Renée Martel by Bernard Bujold
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jeudi 22 mars 2012

Student demonstration of March 22 - 200,000 people participated in Montreal to demonstrate against rising tuition fees in Quebec...

Over 200,000 people took part in the march of students against rising tuition fees in Quebec. It was a walk model, which surpassed all other popular parades held in Montreal for the past 10 years. We must congratulate the student organizers for their success and hope that the government resolve this conflict as soon as possible. Student leaders did not expect that this work brings the Prime Minister to change his mind but rather the goal was to encourage students on strike against the validity of their opposition to the increase in tuition . We can say that their goal was met! Moreover, a popular survey indicates that people want the government to address this debate and stop ignoring it as if nothing had happened.
All agree to admit that the student demonstration on March 22 was the most successful for several years at the rallies in Quebec. For this reason, it could be called a historic event ...
Organizers estimated the crowd at 200,000 people while the police estimated the crowd at over 100,000 people but also said that they had never seen so many people in a parade in Montreal.
To be continued ...

Photo 1, 2 and 3: Demonstration against rising tuition fees;
Photo 4: Bernard Bujold (
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100,000 students are expected in Montreal to protest against rising tuition ...

About 100,000 students are expected in downtown Montreal this Thursday, March 22 at 1 p.m. to protest against rising tuition fees.
Moreover, for its part, the MP Amir Khadir seems quite proud of her daughter Yalda who has been arrested for blocking the Champlain Bridge with other students.
The insult would have been that she supports the Prime Minister Jean Charest ...

Photo 1 and 2: Student Protesters in Montreal;
Photo 2: The daughter of MP Amir Khadir, Yalda;
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mercredi 21 mars 2012

Bishop Christian Lepine replace Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte

Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte is no longer Archbishop of Montreal. If Archbishop Turcotte had the air of a bon vivant and unsheathed a former boxer, his successor will be a totally different style...
Christian Lepine is very little known to the media but in the story of La Presse quoting one of his sermons on sexual abstinence: "When he will give up sexuality, it will be in full vigor of his sex and for this renunciation, his manhood will found itself strengthened."

Photo 1: Bishop Jean-Caude Turcotte;
Photo 2: Bishop Christian Lepine;
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mardi 20 mars 2012

lundi 19 mars 2012

Google gets into its new office in Montreal...

Google officially opened its new offices on Avenue McGill College in Montreal but because the guest of honor was Prime Minister Jean Charest, Quebec students strike against rising tuition fees have decided to demonstrate with sticker on the front door of Google ...
Photo 1 and 2: Google Montreal
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A Sunday Spring Afternoon at the Beach in Old Montreal

Sunday walkers took advantage of spring weather to discover the new beach in the Old Port of Montreal... Even gulls were there!
Photo 1 and 2: Beach in Old Montreal
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Morning Mist in the Old Port of Montreal

The mist had invaded the Old Port of Montreal on Saturday morning and it felt like a film of sea adventurers ...
Photo 1: Old Port Promenade Montréal;
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