jeudi 22 mars 2012

Student demonstration of March 22 - 200,000 people participated in Montreal to demonstrate against rising tuition fees in Quebec...

Over 200,000 people took part in the march of students against rising tuition fees in Quebec. It was a walk model, which surpassed all other popular parades held in Montreal for the past 10 years. We must congratulate the student organizers for their success and hope that the government resolve this conflict as soon as possible. Student leaders did not expect that this work brings the Prime Minister to change his mind but rather the goal was to encourage students on strike against the validity of their opposition to the increase in tuition . We can say that their goal was met! Moreover, a popular survey indicates that people want the government to address this debate and stop ignoring it as if nothing had happened.
All agree to admit that the student demonstration on March 22 was the most successful for several years at the rallies in Quebec. For this reason, it could be called a historic event ...
Organizers estimated the crowd at 200,000 people while the police estimated the crowd at over 100,000 people but also said that they had never seen so many people in a parade in Montreal.
To be continued ...

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