mardi 27 mars 2012

The Montreal actress Jessica Paré and the success of Mad Men - ZOU BISOU BISOU...

The Montreal actress Jessica Paré (Mad Men) is now recognized by all Americans for his swearing in Quebec style: "Câlisse..."
But there's more, her interpretation of the song Zou, Bisou, Bisou was so well noticed and appreciated that the producers have made ​​a record of it...
Congratulations to Jessica for her success!

Photo 1: Jessica Paré ;
Photo 2: Don Draper and Jessica Paré ;
Photo 3: Album cover Zou Bisou Bisou by Jessica Paré ;
See The Wall Street Journal story ;
See story expletive "Câlisse";
See video expletive "Câlisse" ;
See video song Zou Bisou Bisou ;
See biography Jessica Paré ;

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