jeudi 15 mars 2012

We search for the dog Gaspard ...

A friend of, Celine Blanchet, is very sad since her return from March break because her dog escaped from the place where he was at residence near Chambly.
The hunting dog is called Gaspard and research is posted on the Facebook page of Celine.
"Coming back from spring break with my kids last Sunday, I learned that the pension that kept my dog ​​Gaspard had lost it. This is a beautiful French hound - big blue-Biscay.
I had it as a gift in France - there is only one in Quebec and Canada. He was last seen near Chambly-Carignan (Quebec). Thank you for your help! "- Celine Blanchet

Photo 1: Celine Blanchet and Gaspard;
Photo 2:; Gaspard;
See Research Poster ;

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