mercredi 28 décembre 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012 to everyone!

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Steve Jobs on the force of life...

Among the highlights of 2011, the death of Steve Jobs attracted much attention. Here are some thoughts on the power of life according to Steve Jobs as pronounced by his sister Mona Simpson during the funeral ceremony celebrated in New York in late October 2011.
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The dream of Ogilvy's stores in Montreal

The existence of Ogilvy in Montreal is seriously threatened!
After a temporary acquisition by the Bombardier family in 2010, that it is the famous family of Galen Weston who acquired the building Ogilvy. The rumor is now that the group would move its Holt Renfrew from Sherbrooke Street to occupy the space of St. Catherine.
If this happens, it will mark the end of Ogilvy in Montreal ...
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vendredi 23 décembre 2011

The departure of Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte of Montreal

Montreal Cardinal Jean Claude Turcotte is officially retired but since his replacement was not appointed, he continues to act as leader.
Bernard Bujold ( has known the Cardinal:
"I'm not a practicing Catholic, but I liked the Cardinal Turcotte who is not an intellectual, nor a religious ... He is a former athlete who has practiced boxing and loves detective novels. I have offered once to him the Tom Wolfe - A Man in Full.
We are far from the serious reading of Benedict XVI!
Turcotte loves life and he was good friend of journalist Michel Vastel (1940-2008 )..."
Despite his resignation, Cardinal Jean Claude Turcotte will preside at the 2011 Midnight Mass broadcast on Radio-Canada and Eurovision. The celebration will come from Repentigny (Lanaudière) in one of the oldest churches built in Quebec in 1725.
The soloist will be Raphaelle Paquette (opera singer).

Photo 1 and 2: Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte ;
Photo 3: Basilica Marie Reine du Monde ;

The art to travel by air...

For those traveling during the holidays, there are several tips to avoid catch virus during the trip. The art of flying...
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jeudi 22 décembre 2011

Welcome to Winter 2011

It is now officially today Thursday, December 22, the start of Winter 2011.
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The Montreal Canadiens and the French language...

The Canadiens hockey club is a victim of the wave but not the fans who cheer! It is the passion for the French language that has invaded the hockey team.
After the Caisse and National Bank, Les Canadiens have been the target of a mass movement that is not really explained in light of the current political climate in Quebec but it's like a wave Internet. It is simply in tune with the times!
I must say that Canadians have not helped their cause by appointing an interim coach with no charisma. If they had appointed a Wayne Gretzky, the language would not have been a subject of debate but the team is losing with the addition of a new coach who is unknown and unilingual anglophone, management has taken at least in the up.
The only solution is to appoint a new coach, and quickly.
At worst, the Director General Pierre Gauthier should assume the title of interim coach and lead Canadians behind the bench.
Strangely, the press release issued by the Canadian hockey team announcing the coaching change is not the same in French as in English ...
In French, the Club present it very soberly while in English the text is a little more "excited ..."

To be continued.
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mercredi 21 décembre 2011

The New York Times is in trouble...

The New York Times is in turmoil because of the failure of their digital strategies ... The New York Times was one of the most aggressive with its many digital projects but can not seem to achieve success.
To date only a few major media, including The Wall Street Journal, are successful on the Internet.
Photo 1 and 2: The New York Times ;
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samedi 17 décembre 2011

Books for the Holiday Season 2011

The holiday season is a time when we took the opportunity to read.
Personally I will spend my holiday period 2011 to read two books: the new novel by Haruki Murakami IQ84 and a book that I kept in reserve in my library: Newspaperman by Warren H. Phillips.
The novel IQ84 is over 900 pages and includes two stories: that of a killer for hire and the other a writer associated with the author of a novel that he rewrite so that together the duo become famous. A novel which explains the world of writing and the thought of a killer. I rarely read a novel as captivating.
As for Phillips's book, he recounts his time at the Wall Street Journal where he was the editor after being first journalist. I love The Wall Street Journal that I read regularly since the 1980s.
Other books I've read in recent weeks and that I highly recommend, there is the biography of Steve Jobs and the Quebec novel by Catherine Lafrance: LA SAISON FROIDE
Enjoy reading during the holidays ...
Bernard Bujold -
Photo 1: Cover pf IQ84 and Newspaperman ;
Photo 2: Cover of Steve Jobs and La Saison froide ;
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vendredi 16 décembre 2011

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, is playing his last card...

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, is playing his last card to avoid extradition to Sweden. The UK Supreme Court will hear next February 1st and 2, 2012, the appeal on a specific aspect of the notice of surrender on whether an arrest warrant issued by an attorney dependent of the state can be considered as valid.
According to Bernard Bujold ( "No matter what happens to the legal history surrounding Assange, the fact remains that Wikileaks has transformed access to information around the world and it is clear that other organizations or movements will take over from WikiLeaks.
Moreover, we can say that an organization such as Google is a more legitimate and more financially sound but the end result is totally comparable to WikiLeaks, that is a dissemination of information without the filters imposed by policy makers and financiers. In another sense, one can also have Assange compared to Steve Jobs. The two men are of a particular personal character and sometimes very unpleasant, but their actions have revolutionized the modern world. "
To be continued!

Photo 1 and 2: Julian Assange;
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jeudi 15 décembre 2011

The fall of Jacques Chirac

Former President of France Jacques Chirac was suspended sentence two years in prison by Justice French. Chirac was convicted of embezzlement of public funds and abuse trust for his involvement in a case of fake jobs while he was mayor of Paris (the second term of 1989).
Photo 1: Jacques Chirac Chirac Foundation (November 2011) ;
Photo 2: Jacques Chirac at the Paris City Hall (1989) ;
Photo 3: Jacques Chirac in his debut in politics (1967) ;
Photo 4: Jacques Chirac and wife Bernadette ;
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mercredi 14 décembre 2011


TIMES magazine awarded the title of Personality of the Year 2011 to all the protesters and especially those of Arab Spring. has closely followed events in North Africa and we welcome the choice of Times.
Photo 1: Cover of Time magazine;
Photo 2: Anderson Cooper in Egypt;
Photo 3: Rafael Ferraro Primeau (Blogger) in Tunisia;
Photo 4: Bernard Bujold (
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lundi 12 décembre 2011


Congratulations to all the winners of CNN Heroes 2011.
Photo 1: Scene of CNN HEROES 2011
Photo 2: Anderson Cooper ;
Photo 3: Robin Lim CNN HEROES OF THE YEAR ;
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According to LA PRESSE: The radio show by Catherine Perrin is a totale failure and Christiane Charette must come back

An article in LA PRESSE of Saturday (December 10, 2011) by Hugo Dumas is deeply critical, with accuracy and precision the Catherine Perrin's radio show on Radio Canada. It says that the show is "a total failure" and the journalist calls for the return of Christiane Charette.
Photo 1: Catherine Perrin ;
Photo 2: Christiane Charette ;
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dimanche 11 décembre 2011

The best novel in Quebec in 2011 - LA SAISON FROIDE by Catherine Lafrance ...

The novel LA SAISON FROIDE by Catherine Lafrance could be qualified " The Best Quebec novel of 2011!"
The excellent story takes us from Montreal to Yellowknife and what first seems to be an adventure story finally becomes a series of love stories that have nothing of the popular romance stories. Research and development of the book are very strong and the final outcome unpredictable but realistic, just give the novel its meaning with the phrase: "Life is so short ..."
We should not have fear to live fully and decide to dare differently. It is especially important not to lose hope of happiness.
Catherine Lafrance's novel is more than a story about the geography of the North (it is) but above all it is an excellent book about human feelings and the importance of living life (love, friendship, departures, etc ...). The phrase "LIFE IS SO SHORT " is the soul of the book,
We also see the knowledge by Catherine Lafrance of the "script writing" as the pace of the novel is "page turner". There are no dead moments or unnecessary. It's like a movie.
An excellent book to read during the Christmas holidays since the action is place precisely, in part, during a Christmas party in the North Canada.
This novel is the first of the author and it is part autobiographical and inspired by Catherine Lafrance 's own life as she has been a journalist for CBC - Yellowknife.
She is now stationed at CBC - Montreal.

Photo 1: Cover of the book ;

vendredi 2 décembre 2011

The Art to communicate...

The Art of modern communication!
"Let's call us to have lunch..."
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mardi 29 novembre 2011

Welcome to Winter 2011

Welcome to the Winter 2011 and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season -
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dimanche 27 novembre 2011

Dominique Strauss-Khan was the victim of a plot worthy of the novels John Le Carré...

An exclusive report by The New York Review of Books was published Saturday November 26 and the story makes it clear that Dominique Strauss-Khan would have been the victim of a plot to stop his run for the presidency of France.
The narrative of the facts is worthy of a spy novel by John Le Carré.
It is shown that Strauss-Khan's BlackBerry was hacked and stolen and that the Sarkozy campaign office would have read emails sent to Anne Sinclair. If people could receive emails from Strauss-Khan, the authors could also send fake incriminating emails.
In addition, the security chief at the Sofitel New York was filmed after the interview with the maid when he gave "high five" to a Deputy and he danced joyfully because DSK had fallen into their trap. Also, the Chief of the security of all Sofitel was at the same time in a lodge with Sarkozy watching football and he would have been notified by telephone of the success of the operation ...
The conspiracy theory, especially as described in the New York Review of Books, is quite logical. It is a trap where
the victim fell. A bit like the police who catch drug dealers with false buyers (undercover officers). They knew the attraction of Strauss-Khan for escorts and prostitutes.
However, according to Bernard Bujold (, the authors of the conspiracy in New York probably did not expect Strauss-Khan to be arrested on the plane by police. This event was a sort of extra blow. Normally, Diallo would have acccused Strauss-Khan who would have been on the plane en route to France. He would have remained prisoner in his country and his presidential campaign derailed because of the charges. His arrest in New York were not anticipated or expected and the authors of the coup received more than they had planned in
their project. In a sense, this has become too big as history and the events attracted too much attention. It would be easier to manage the scandal if Strauss-Khan had not appeared before the U.S. Justice.
To be continued!

Photo 1: Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Anne Sinclair;
Photo 2: Sofitel New York;
Photo 3: Dominique Strauss-Khan before the Judge;
Photo 4: The maid Diallo;
See story The New York Book Review ;

vendredi 25 novembre 2011

The evacuation of protesters OCCUPY MONTREAL - The end of a show ...

Finally the removal of protesters Occupy Montreal was an anti-spectacle ...
Around thirty young people, mostly teenagers, who danced in the streets under the eyes of many curious and under the amused look of over fifty policeman in simple ordinary working clothes ... There were also two or three homeless people who asked where to go for a free meal. No cavalry with horses, no clubs, nothing except a few police officers without a helmet or stick ...
We can say that the event was like the end of a festival and dismantling of platform.
If Bernard Bujold ( had his umbrella broken at the inauguration of the event on 15 october (See link to photo album below), nothing spectacular to tell for the evacuation of 25 November. Here are some pictures of the event. /
Picture 1,2 and 3: Evacuation ;
Picture 4: bernard Bujold ( ;