jeudi 22 décembre 2011

The Montreal Canadiens and the French language...

The Canadiens hockey club is a victim of the wave but not the fans who cheer! It is the passion for the French language that has invaded the hockey team.
After the Caisse and National Bank, Les Canadiens have been the target of a mass movement that is not really explained in light of the current political climate in Quebec but it's like a wave Internet. It is simply in tune with the times!
I must say that Canadians have not helped their cause by appointing an interim coach with no charisma. If they had appointed a Wayne Gretzky, the language would not have been a subject of debate but the team is losing with the addition of a new coach who is unknown and unilingual anglophone, management has taken at least in the up.
The only solution is to appoint a new coach, and quickly.
At worst, the Director General Pierre Gauthier should assume the title of interim coach and lead Canadians behind the bench.
Strangely, the press release issued by the Canadian hockey team announcing the coaching change is not the same in French as in English ...
In French, the Club present it very soberly while in English the text is a little more "excited ..."

To be continued.
Photo 1: Les Canadiens ;
Photo 2: Pierre Gauthier ;
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