dimanche 11 décembre 2011

The best novel in Quebec in 2011 - LA SAISON FROIDE by Catherine Lafrance ...

The novel LA SAISON FROIDE by Catherine Lafrance could be qualified " The Best Quebec novel of 2011!"
The excellent story takes us from Montreal to Yellowknife and what first seems to be an adventure story finally becomes a series of love stories that have nothing of the popular romance stories. Research and development of the book are very strong and the final outcome unpredictable but realistic, just give the novel its meaning with the phrase: "Life is so short ..."
We should not have fear to live fully and decide to dare differently. It is especially important not to lose hope of happiness.
Catherine Lafrance's novel is more than a story about the geography of the North (it is) but above all it is an excellent book about human feelings and the importance of living life (love, friendship, departures, etc ...). The phrase "LIFE IS SO SHORT " is the soul of the book,
We also see the knowledge by Catherine Lafrance of the "script writing" as the pace of the novel is "page turner". There are no dead moments or unnecessary. It's like a movie.
An excellent book to read during the Christmas holidays since the action is place precisely, in part, during a Christmas party in the North Canada.
This novel is the first of the author and it is part autobiographical and inspired by Catherine Lafrance 's own life as she has been a journalist for CBC - Yellowknife.
She is now stationed at CBC - Montreal.

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