samedi 17 décembre 2011

Books for the Holiday Season 2011

The holiday season is a time when we took the opportunity to read.
Personally I will spend my holiday period 2011 to read two books: the new novel by Haruki Murakami IQ84 and a book that I kept in reserve in my library: Newspaperman by Warren H. Phillips.
The novel IQ84 is over 900 pages and includes two stories: that of a killer for hire and the other a writer associated with the author of a novel that he rewrite so that together the duo become famous. A novel which explains the world of writing and the thought of a killer. I rarely read a novel as captivating.
As for Phillips's book, he recounts his time at the Wall Street Journal where he was the editor after being first journalist. I love The Wall Street Journal that I read regularly since the 1980s.
Other books I've read in recent weeks and that I highly recommend, there is the biography of Steve Jobs and the Quebec novel by Catherine Lafrance: LA SAISON FROIDE
Enjoy reading during the holidays ...
Bernard Bujold -
Photo 1: Cover pf IQ84 and Newspaperman ;
Photo 2: Cover of Steve Jobs and La Saison froide ;
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