samedi 30 octobre 2010

Conrad Black was a great newspapers owner

The case of Conrad Black make people talking and Bernard Bujold ( received some comments criticizing his support to Conrad Black.
Here is his response with respect to these criticisms.
"I'm not suggesting to give the website Rue Frontenac to Conrad Black for him to manage. This would makes no sense.
I say however that the work of Conrad Black is admirable in terms of media and he was an great media owner that was very creative. As I known him in my past career, I could say that man is admirable.
I used my comment about Rue Frontenac (see text below) to greet this great media man. Now, if he has committed crimes, then he should be punished.
But I think his crimes, if crimes there is, are less serious than those of people as Guy Cloutier who sexually abused Nathalie Simard or as Guy Lafleur, who had lied to the judge to help her son who used violence on his girlfriend..
Now if one is accepting that Guy Lafleur was a great hockey player or that the enterprise of Guy Cloutier, now run by his daughter, Veronica, is a great business in the artistic world; why not admit that Conrad Black was a great magnate of the press?
In terms of website Rue Frontenac, I think it's a newspaper owner from Quebec who should buy Le Journal de Montreal and restructure it with a new business plan.
If Quebecor made a mistake, it's in the way he negociated with his employees. The management of the Journal de Montréal should have done as the one of La Presse (Gesca) and propose new working conditions or be ready to close shop.
Employees at La Presse have adapted as they did not want the newspaper to close and they accepted new rules but the cards were on the table.
Rue Frontenac site was created by the union, but the site is become one of the best information sites in Montreal. I do not think to close it would be a profitable move for anyone, neither the public nor to the Quebec media community as a whole. "
Photo: Conrad Black
The National Post story link

vendredi 29 octobre 2010

A media needs a leader...

The website Rue Frontenac needs a leader!
Any media, or any of the institutions or companies in our society, exists only insofar as its leader exists and is passionate towards his project.
Le Journal de Montreal was the work of Pierre Peladeau father's and Videotron will be the work of his son Pierre-Karl like The National Post was the work of Conrad Black. Note that Black want to return to the media and his return is highly desirable and hopeful!
The information site Frontenac Street is a beautiful creation but it lacks a true leader and finance person that would make the website permanent with a vocation for profits. Someone who will make this project "his work" and his passion!
The secret of success for the people at Rue Frontenac is to understand that Le Journal de Montreal of yesterday is dead and no longer exists! Their future lies with the site Rue Frontenac!
Photo 1 : Journalists at Rue Frontenac;
Photo 2: Bernard Bujold and the first paper edition of Rue frontenac;
Photo 3: Conrad Black
Link site Rue Frontenac

mercredi 27 octobre 2010

The Cat of Halloween 2010 -

The Cat of Halloween - began to prowl ..
Halloween is a festival that takes place on the night of October 31 to November 1. The tradition is that children (and some adults ...) dress up in costumes that are scary or ridiculous (ghosts, witches, monsters, vampires, for example) and go ring the door asking for candy, fruit or money with the formula: Trick or treat! ("Trick or a farce!") Or simply "Happy Halloween! . Other activities include masked balls, watching horror movies or visiting haunted houses ... Miaouuuuuuu!
Pictures 1 to 4: The Halloween Cat 2010 -

dimanche 24 octobre 2010

Celine Dion gave birth to twins.

Celine Dion gave birth to twins on Saturday morning (October 23), two boys in a medical clinic in West Palm Beach, Florida.
All the world media announced the news but it is a local magazine in Montreal (7 Jours of Quebecor) who had the best sense of timing with a photo essay on newsstands at the time of the birth announcement and realized a few days before birth. A one-hour TV show will also air Thursday, October 28 on TVA - Quebecor.
The owner of the magazine in competition with 7 Jours ( editor Claude J. Charron and his La Semaine) must be very unhappy in this situation ...
Link story Paris Match ;
Link La Presse Montréal ;
Link Canoe René Angélil ;
Link Canoë Julie Snyder ;
Link Website 7 Jours

vendredi 22 octobre 2010

A Quebec media empire according to Pierre-Karl Péladeau

The report published in the magazine L'ACTUALITE and signed by Jonathan Trudel is excellent and represents very well the situation of Pierre-Karl Peladeau (PKP) and his media empire QUEBECOR. One may not agree with the way in which Quebecor is managed but the reality is the one presented in the magazine.
One downside is the commentary text signed by Paule Beaugrand-Champagne.
She is right in her comment but she was at the Journal de Montreal after the death of Pierre Peladeau, from 1998 to 2001. This was a period of mourning and above all a period of strategic business repositioning following the death of the founder. It was also the period where Pierre-Karl Peladeau has firmly established its position as new boss at Quebecor as heir.
It would have been more interesting to read the comments of Jacques Girard, who was editor and vice president of Quebecor (1988-1996) during the reign of founder, Pierre Peladeau father. For those who want to read more on Pierre-Karl Peladeau, the article written by Josée Blanchette in Le Devoir adds a personal touch intimate and humorous...
Picture 1: Pierre-Karl Péladeau;
Picture 2: Pierre-Karl Péladeau and the journalist Josée Blanchette

mercredi 20 octobre 2010

The trio of Destiny...

There are three links between the stories of Canadian Army Colonel and sex maniac-murderer Russell Williams; the 33 Chile miners and Saint Brother Andre.
Those links are:
1. Good and Evil do exist;
2. Destiny (call it miracle or luck) also do exist;
3. Prayers or crying cannot change one destiny...
The question is: What does it take to change it?

mardi 19 octobre 2010

Colonel David Russell Williams - A Sex Maniac

A series of sex crimes and murders incredible but true!
And the worst part is that the police found the culprit by pure chance.
The Colonel David Williams from the Canadian Army Corps was arrested at a roadblock and because of its status as the Colonel, he was simply greeted and invited to go except that an investigator noticed his tire tracks in the snow which were similar to the one of the murderer's car that they were looking for.
Colonel Williams raped and killed his victims (two) and then he photographed himself naked with the underwear of the women he had dominated ....
The story is worthy of the the cruelest episodes of Criminal Minds ...
David Russell Williams pleaded guilty to 84 criminal accusations.
Picture 1 and 2: Canadian Colonel David Russell Williams;
Picture 3: Colonel Davis Russell Williams and his wife in Ottawa (Orleans)

dimanche 17 octobre 2010

Saint Brother André - Montreal, P.Q.

Brother André is part of Montreal life.
Whether simple or Holy Brother that does not really change his situation.
A simple man who believed above all the values of effort and work.
Bernard Bujold ( did not go to Rome for the canonization, but he went to greet brother André in his park on Rene-Levesque Boulevard in Montreal.

vendredi 15 octobre 2010

The history of Chilean President Sebastián Piñera

Sebastián Piñera's biography is very interesting and it explains many things about the behavior of Chilean president.
His past experiences have enabled him to take a gamble on rescue of miners because he is a risk taker who had not only survived challenges before, but he often won very big. If he was considered a billionaire businessman, he is now also a billionaire of politics. He is currently perceived in the eyes of the world both as a Barack Obama and a Richard Branson ...
Photo 1: President Sebastián Piñera;
Photo 2: Sebastián Piñera and his wife;
Photo 3: Sebastián Piñera and 33 minors.
Link The New York Times Sebastian Pinera and his 33 men ;

mercredi 13 octobre 2010

33 Miners in Chile : Courage, inspiration and luck!

The President of Chile (Sebastian Pinera) played his career on the fate of the miners and he won his bet and even more ...
While everyone wanted to close the well, he ordered the digging and he promised to save the miners. He was lucky because they were actually still alive.
From then on the media have seized upon the cause of the 33 miners in Chile and a global event has been created. The event is followed around the world as if walking on the moon or that one had discovered a treasure. One billion persons have watched on television the exit of the first miner.
There are more serious accidents in the world be it wars and the death of soldiers or other tragedy, and they affect more than 33 victims. But the Chilean miners have become a symbol of courage and survive despite the obstacles. They have become a source of inspiration!
This is called "a historic world event" !
Picture 1: President of Chile;
Picture 2: A miner and his wife;

Le Journal de Montréal - Rue Frontenac

The future of the Journal de Montréal is at least doubtful, while 200 of the 253 unionized employees locked out refused offers from the direction of Quebecor by a vote of nearly 90%.
It also appears increasingly evident Rue Frontenac website created by employees in lockout has become a must and that this new media might well have replaced the former Journal de Montréal ...
Quebecor proposes to take 52 of the 253 employees while the website Rue Frontenac could theoretically offer jobs to 60 people.
Photo 1: Building Le Journal de Montréal;

mardi 12 octobre 2010

2010 Fall Season...

The fall season is a wonderful season.
Here are some pictures taken in the garden of Bernard Bujold - on the Monday of Thanksgiving 2010...
Pictures 1 and 2: Bernard Bujold in the park;
Picture 3: Bernard Bujold and a Gerard Depardieu's wine

The old Place des Arts in Montreal...

While the Montreal Symphony Orchestra is looking forward to inaugurate its new auditorium in September 2011 at a cost of about $ 260 million (Construction costs), many wonder what will be done with the old Salle Wilfrid Pelletier!
Note that the Director of Place des Arts, Marie Lavigne, saw reconfirmed her mandate ...
Picture 1: Piano Nobile Place des Arts;
Picture 2: New building of Montreal Symphonic Orchestra;
Picture 3: Kent Nagano
Link to comment in The Gazette ;
Link to article nomination Marie Lavigne ;
Link to photo album

METRO My Grocer...

Bernard Bujold ( stopped at a grocer METRO downtown Montreal last Sunday afternoon and he came face to face with a homeless man who put bags of chips in his backpack ... "He looked at me and smiled and he said simply: It's better when it's free ... "
The store entrance opens directly onto the street and is a corridor that Store managers can not really watch except that products are on display for customers: chips, soft drinks in boxes, etc.
Bernard said to the manager on duty what he had just noticed and she simply said that the store manager knew about the situation but she could not do anything because the corridor is too difficult to access for the cashier to go catch the thieves in the street. She added: "I understand your surprise but we are downtown. What do you want to do, that's life ..."
A store clerk then suggested to Bernard to enroll in the loyalty program METRO & Me. He replied: "I prefer the program: It's better free ..."
Picture 1: METRO store downtown Montreal on Notre Dame Street
Picture 2: METRO card program

dimanche 10 octobre 2010

The history of Premier Robert Bourassa

For those interested in Quebec politics, read the book by journalist Julie Brault: "Robert Bourassa.
Easy to read, this is a book that summarizes the entire career and the significance of the role of Robert Bourassa in Quebec's modern history. Julien Brault's work is not voluminous (379 pages) but the book helps to understand power politics in Quebec.
By reading the book we also understand why Robert Bourassa has been with Rene Levesque one of Quebec politicians who influenced his time and made himself a place into history.
Photo 1: Cover of the book;
Photo 2: Julie Brault (CBC Photo)
Link to official website of the book ;
Personal website link Julien Brault

jeudi 7 octobre 2010

Larry King Live from Montreal...

Larry King left Montreal with ... a bag full of bagels! He said he would eat some during the return trip on his private jet.
The host star of CNN gave a sort of 'master classes' on the art of journalism and his career in front of nearly 1,000 guests at an evening fundraiser for the Jewish community of Montreal. (Combined Jewish Appeal - Federation CJA)
Asked who he would like to receive as a guests on CNN before his departure on 16 December, Larry King said Bernard Madoff, to who he would ask why he did not flee the United States? The interview is not confirmed yet but they're working on it.
Another guest, he probably would never receive would be Bin Laden. His first question would be why he left one of the richest families in his country?
Bernard Bujold took several photos of Larry King during his lecture and he presents them here with a summary of some of his best stories.

mardi 5 octobre 2010

Bill Clinton will be speaking in Montreal

After Larry King Wednesday night (October 6) in Montreal, next is Bill Clinton who will also give a lecture on October 29 before the Members of the Chamber of Commerce.
There will be time for questions after the speech of former president United States and it will be moderated by former Prime Minister New Brunswick, Frank McKenna.
Photo: Bill Clinton
Link to Bill Clinton's website

The new album of Cecilia Bartoli - SOSPIRI

Cecilia Bartoli launched yesterday (October 4) her new album: Sospiri.
A double album with a magnificent illustrated book. We find Mozart and Handel arias of great sensuality and bel canto of Bellini and Rossini.
Two discs of exceptional quality that are among the best in the entire collection of Cecilia ...
Photo 1. Cover album;
Photo 2: Cecilia Bartoli in a mirror
Link to excerpts from the album Cecilia Bartoli

lundi 4 octobre 2010

The English in Old Quebec... - Louise Penny

Bernard Bujold read during the weekend the new book (in English) by Louise Penny: "Bury your Dead". She has also written (in French) and now in book stores: "En plein coeur." (See article dated 13 September 2010)
Both are thrillers in the style of Kathy Reichs, but more descriptive about the places.
"Bury Your Dead" takes place in Old Quebec and the story revolves around a historian who seeks the tomb of Champlain and is found murdered in the basement of the library of the anglophone community of Quebec.
In addition to an great thriller, the author presents the vision and the fears of the English-speaking community as a minority in Quebec. Too bad the book is not available in French since it joined the debate surrounding the article in Maclean's Magazine about Québec ...
A must read!
Photo 1: Cover of the book;
Photo 2: Louise Penny
Link to website Louise Penny

samedi 2 octobre 2010

Evening at Birks Montreal...

The popularity of luxury goods is the new trend in major cities worldwide, and Montreal is no exception to this wave.
Two examples: the Ogilvy's Store which will expand across the province of Quebec including the Quartier Dix30 and Birks has renovated its store in the downtown Montreal where is installed Ferrer Jerome's Birks Café. This cafe is open since past few weeks but the grand opening will be held on November 4 and Ferrer intends to seduce the guest at the opening night. (He personally convinced Bernard Bujold to attend ...)
LeStudio1. com was present last September 30 at: "A night where girls shine." (Because I am a Girl)
Mademoiselle X - was also there ...
Here are some photos of the event hosted by the wife of Justin Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau and where the singer Annie Villeneuve attended.
Picture 1: Guests at Birks;
Picture 2: Annie Villeneuve.

vendredi 1 octobre 2010

The woman photographer - Michèle Dionne

Michele Dionne has great talent as a photographer!
Personally, I do not support the Red Cross in any of its causes. This behavior dates from the flood in the Saguenay Lac St-Jean (the small white house in July 1996). I negotiated for Pierre Péladeau creating a special fund of $ 1 million to the Red Cross to help the people of Saguenay. Ultimately, much of the funds went to help the people of Manitoba. Péladeau had neither forgotten nor forgiven when he died in December 1997 ... He did not accept that his money (Quebecor - Donohue) go help the English West ...
That said, Michele Dionne's book is very well done and her photos are worthy of National Geographic quality.
I attended the launch and must admit that Michele Dionne is a woman with class, beautiful and a great photographer.
I could compare her with Mila Mulroney as the couple Dionne-Charest is a bit like Brian and Mila when they were in the political life. Except that Mila had more "character" than Michele and Brian Mulroney more ambition than Jean Charest.
Physically, there is also the appearance of Princess Diana in the silhouette and in the eyes of Michele Dionne.
I recommend the book, not to help the Red Cross, but for its high quality as a photo book.
Here are some pictures that I took at the launch party held in Montreal (September 30-2010)