mardi 12 octobre 2010

METRO My Grocer...

Bernard Bujold ( stopped at a grocer METRO downtown Montreal last Sunday afternoon and he came face to face with a homeless man who put bags of chips in his backpack ... "He looked at me and smiled and he said simply: It's better when it's free ... "
The store entrance opens directly onto the street and is a corridor that Store managers can not really watch except that products are on display for customers: chips, soft drinks in boxes, etc.
Bernard said to the manager on duty what he had just noticed and she simply said that the store manager knew about the situation but she could not do anything because the corridor is too difficult to access for the cashier to go catch the thieves in the street. She added: "I understand your surprise but we are downtown. What do you want to do, that's life ..."
A store clerk then suggested to Bernard to enroll in the loyalty program METRO & Me. He replied: "I prefer the program: It's better free ..."
Picture 1: METRO store downtown Montreal on Notre Dame Street
Picture 2: METRO card program

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