vendredi 30 septembre 2011

Jacques Duchesneau and modesty...

The story of Jacques Duchesneau is reminiscent of John Gomery.
In both cases, the two men are right in their arguments but they also like too much the glory of the moment.
Justice John Gomery enjoyed meeting the press after hearings and Jacques Duchesneau loves even more cameras.
A little modesty would make the debate more seriously!
One difference: Jean Charest is slower than Paul Martin in its reaction ...
You have to read the interview in La Presse (Friday, September 30) with the former police chief Jacques Duchesneau.
He directly accused the journalists of TVA and the Journal de Montreal.
Duchesneau said he wants to resign and he even recommends Gomery to take his place!
One fact funny but disturbing for a former police officer: the interview took place at 10 pm by car during the return from Quebec to Montreal. Duchesneau drives his car quickly and, repeatedly, he uses his cell phone in one hand.
Is not it illegal to drive with one hand and holding his cell phone on the other ... Quickly a ticket!

Photo 1: Jacques Duchesneau, Jean Charest, John Gomery and Paul Martin;
Photo 2: Jacques Duchesneau National Assembly;

Cooking according to the Italian fashion

"The art of cooking is the most sensual of all the arts form ..." - Actor Joe Mantegna's character David Rossi in Criminal Minds.
A scene of a few minutes at the end of the second episode of the 2011 season of Criminal Minds sums up in words and picture what is the art of cooking, version italian. Here are some pictures of the scene that you can watch from 11 minutes 42 seconds on video.

Picture 1 and 2: Joe Mantagna and the Criminal Minds crew ;

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back...

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back ...
Vanity Fair magazine published an excellent interview on newsstands now.
Arnold surprised the journalist and he arrived at the interview but with Cadillac and a rusty old bike attached to the back of the SUV wearing a sweater a little rather tired and worn shoes.
The journalist had wanted to impress Arnold and had rented a luxury bike at $5,000 with a latest fashion sport suit ...

Photo 1: Arnold Schwarzenegger;
See Vanity Fair interview ;

jeudi 29 septembre 2011

Dimitri Soudas go to the Canadian Olympic Commitee

The former press secretary and communications director of the Prime Minister of Canada, Dimitri Soudas, joined the Canadian Olympic Committee.
Photo 1: Dimitri Soudas Ottawa
See official press release;

mercredi 28 septembre 2011

The new toy by Amazon...

The new toy (tablet) by Amazon will be offered at $ 199 ...
Steve Jobs will have to return home to defend his Apple iPad!

Photo 1: Tablet by Amazon;
Photo 2: Steve Jobs and his iPad;
See story The Wall Street Journal ;
See story The New York Times ;

mardi 27 septembre 2011

Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook visit Montreal

Chris Hughes is one of four founders of Facebook, with Harvard roommates Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, and Eduardo Saverin. He was visiting Montreal (Tuesday, September 27, 2011) for a conference lunch.
Chris presented to the people there a resume of his career path from Facebook through Barack Obama until today. The young entrepreneur of 27 years has a fortune estimated at $ 700 million (shares in Facebook).
Asked about his vision for the future, he believes that there will be the creation of many new networks because people want to communicate.
Chris adds, however, that we must ask the question: what is the purpose of communication if not be a better world ...
According to Chris Hughes, it is up to each of us to use the various communication tools to become a better person.
Picture 1: Chris Hugues ;
Picture 2: The 4 founders of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hugues,Dustin Moskovitz, and Eduardo Saverin;
Picture 3: Bernard Bujold (

lundi 26 septembre 2011

The Montreal Marathon 2011 according to Bernard Bujold

Not wanting to participate in the 2011 Montreal Marathon itself, but seeking to find a little action, Bernard Bujold has decided to replace the Marathon by a bike crossing on the Jacques Cartier Bridge.
The trip is relatively short but the traffic noise from cars and trucks, the height of the structure and especially its continuous movement (vibration of the structure) makes the crossing a little adventurous ...
But it's much less "tiring" than running a marathon.

Picture 1: Jacques Cartier Bridge ;
Picture 2: Bernard Bujold on the Bridge ;
Picture 3: Entrance of the Bridge ;
Picture 4: View of Montreal from the Bridge ;

dimanche 25 septembre 2011

The art of happiness in 2011...

The art of happiness is an individual discovery.
For some it is a long cruise at sea to new lands and unknown, for others it is a race against time and exceeding the limits as at the Marathon of Montreal; and for others it is the simple pleasure of everyday life.
In conclusion, the important thing is to find happiness!
Photo 1: Cruise Ship Port of Montreal;
Photo 2: Runners in the Marathon of Montreal;
Photo 3: Bernard Bujold at lunch;
Photo 4: Downtown Montreal;
View photo album The Art of Happiness ;

vendredi 23 septembre 2011

The Fall Season 2011 is here...

The team welcome the autumn 2011 starting Friday, September 23. - The website for those who want to know everything... everywhere in the world.
Picture 1: Bernard Bujold - Bonsecours Market Montreal ;
Picture 2: Central Park New York ;
Picture 3: team - Mademoiselle X, Miss Gym, Monsieur X, Googuie, Ulysse the Dog and Bernard Bujold, the creator of

jeudi 22 septembre 2011

The Serial Killers and Nadia Fezzani

With the execution of Troy David and impending death from cancer of Clifford Olson, the subject of violent killers is more than ever to the fore.
Montreal journalist Nadia Fezzani has published a book: MES TUEURS EN SÉRIE.
The journalist reminds the character of Emily Prentiss in Criminal Minds except that the story of Nadia Fezzani is true and she has contacted more than 80 killers in prison (men and women) and she wrote the story of 10 of them .
The goal is to better understand the killers and to eliminate them from society.
If there is one conclusion: killers are not born but become killer following the injustices suffered during childhood or during adolescence.
Picture 1: Nadia Fezzani and her book ;
Picture 2: Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds ;

lundi 19 septembre 2011

Dominique Strauss Kahn and the plot

The odimat in France peaked for Dominique Strauss Kahn with 13 million listeners on TF1. (September 18-2011)
The question remains: Is that Sarko who would have trapped DSK?
The Art of War says that you can always break down your opponent by trapping him with its weaknesses. In other words, use the cheese to move the mouse in the trap...
Here is the full interview with Dominique Strauss-Kahn on TF1.
Picture 1: Claire Chazal TF1 ;
Picture 2: Dominique Strauss Kahn ;

Nelly Arcan and her souvenir...

Nelly Arcan souvenir is ever present in the collective memory while the case of Guy A. Lepage and his show "Tout le monde en parle" are indirectly accused of causing the suicide of the writer.
Bernard Bujold had photographed Nelly in November 2001 while she began her career and published his first novel Putain. According to Bernard Bujold:" Nelly was a very pleasant but I felt a fear in her to meet people. As a lack of confidence probably due to bad relations that she had with some people who had disappointed or betrayed her.
Personally, I do not think the only reason for her suicide is the insults and mockery of Guy A. Lepage but a set of insults and jeers from several sources. In addition, regarding Tout le Monde en Parle, everyone knows that this is not a serious program then one do not commit suicide for it... In my case, I stopped listening to it seriously since the first program where I found the lack of rigor when they had ridiculed the guest Rael by pulling his hair ...
Tout le Monde en Parle is a show of humor and provocation, nothing more ".
Here is the photo album of Nelly Arcan. (November 21, 2001)
Picture 1: Nelly Arcan and Bernard Bujold ;
Picture 2 and 3: Nelly Arcan ;

vendredi 16 septembre 2011

George S. Zimbel and A Book of Readers

Photographer George S. Zimbel is known for his photographs of Marilyn Monroe over the subway of New York. Yet this photo session lasted a short time in the photographer's long career of 82 years who has just launched another book: A BOOK OF READERS.
According to Zimbel, taking a picture is 1/100 second, but to look at it and to understand it can take hours. Reading a picture is like reading a book. We must put the time!
Here are some pictures taken at the launching of his new book.
Picture 1 and 2: George S. Zimbel ;
Picture 3: Cover of the book;

jeudi 15 septembre 2011

Daniel Lessard officially launched his novel MAGGIE.

The former journalist of Radio-Canada Daniel Lessard officially launched his first novel MAGGIE.
A hundred friends, former colleagues and stars of Radio-Canada gathered Wednesday evening September 14, 2011 at Théâtre du Nouveau-Monde (TNM) in Montreal to discover the new book. The story is inspired by true events and takes place in the region of origin of Daniel Lessard. A love story that connects the Protestants and Catholics in the early 20th century and involves the village priest who wants to use the love story between the two families to impose his power in the
See pictures taken at the Montreal launch.
Pictures 1 and 2: Evening at the launching ;
Picture 3: Front Page cover ;

mercredi 14 septembre 2011

Anderson Cooper is interviewing Gerard Depardieu...

Anderson Cooper has been interviewing French actor Gerard Depardieu.
The subject of their talk: the incident which occurred on an Air France flight when Gerard was denied permission to go to the bathroom and he urinated on the carpet of the plane ...
Watch the video (about 4 minutes from the start)
Picture 1,2 and 3: Gérard Depardieu on Anderson Cooper tv show ;

The story of Apple... according to John Sculley!

Do you know that man? He played a very significant role in Apple's history!
Answer: He is now 71 years old and he was the one who finally brought the proof of the irreplaceable genius of Steve Jobs. However, the founder of Apple did not want to speak to him for 26 years (since 1985).
Here is an interview with the man who caused the dismissal of Steve Jobs at Apple and who is interviewed today by the Wall Street Journal (FINS). Its name: "John Sculley".
Picture 1 and 2: John Scully ;
Picture 3: Steve Jobs and John Sculley ;

mardi 13 septembre 2011

Madonna and the love of flowers...

An web journalist caught Madonna on video while she said thank you to a fan for the flowers he gave her, but soon as he left, Madonna throws the hidrangeas and told the person sitting next to her, "I hate hydrangeas ... " Gesture and comment made scandals YouTube but anyone who knows the world of celebrities knows that stars hate gifts.
Bernard Bujold ( tells about a very well known banker in Quebec who often received gifts for his lectures (like sculptures of craftsmen, amateurs paintings, flowers, etc.). The bankers always said thank you very much but once in his car he gave the gift to his driver or simply threw them in the trash.
Conclusion: Do not waste your money to attract the stars as your gift will end up in the garbage!

Picture 1 and 2: Madonna ;
Picture 3: Hidreangea ;
Picture 4: Garbage ;

lundi 12 septembre 2011

Internationally photographer Jodi Bieber visiting Montreal

Internationally renowned photographer Jodi Bieber visited Montreal as part of the exhibition World Press Photo 2011. This is a photograph of Bieber which won the title Picture of the year. In all, Jodi won eight titles in World Press Photo over the years.
Here is a photo report of her visit and the comments about her career.
Picture 1,2 and 3: Jodi Bieber ;
Picture 4: Bonsecours Market in Montreal ;