mardi 13 septembre 2011

Madonna and the love of flowers...

An web journalist caught Madonna on video while she said thank you to a fan for the flowers he gave her, but soon as he left, Madonna throws the hidrangeas and told the person sitting next to her, "I hate hydrangeas ... " Gesture and comment made scandals YouTube but anyone who knows the world of celebrities knows that stars hate gifts.
Bernard Bujold ( tells about a very well known banker in Quebec who often received gifts for his lectures (like sculptures of craftsmen, amateurs paintings, flowers, etc.). The bankers always said thank you very much but once in his car he gave the gift to his driver or simply threw them in the trash.
Conclusion: Do not waste your money to attract the stars as your gift will end up in the garbage!

Picture 1 and 2: Madonna ;
Picture 3: Hidreangea ;
Picture 4: Garbage ;

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