lundi 28 juin 2010

Anniversary of Bernard Bujold and his team are pleased to offer their best birthday wishes to the creator of their website, Bernard Bujold. The little party organized for the occasion, June 28, 2010, was on theme of the number 4. This choice was motivated by the fact that there are four mascots and the number four is also contained in the date of birth of Bernard (28: 8 divided by 2 = 4). There was thus four categories of gifts consisting of four gifts by category. A category of 4 books, a category of 4 DVD, a category of 4 wines and a last category of 4 photos selected by Bernard himself (his favorite). Bernard Bujold has also written special text on the art of staying young in 2010!
Happy Birthday Bernard!

vendredi 25 juin 2010

Conrad Black was right...

The former media baron Conrad Black had his conviction for financial fraud overturned by the U.S. Justice which shall question his detention in prison. The businessman has always challenged its guilt and he appealed the decision. Great historian and newspapersman, Black is the founder of The National Post of Toronto. He said he was very pleased by the new development...

mercredi 23 juin 2010

Barack Obama is the real boss..

President Barack Obama has demonstrated to General McChrystal who is the boss! The American soldier has ridiculed the president and his entourage in a report just released by Rolling Stone Magazine. Even before the magazine hit the newsstands, through the Internet, the fate of General was sealed ... Proof that the power of journalism is far from being dead!

The Quebec judge accused of murdering his wife is free to go...

It is a former commissioner with the Bastarache's group who paid part of the bond ($ 50,000 deposit) for the liberagtion of Judge Jacques Delisle accused of murdering his wife. Delisle is accused of using a firearm to kill his sick wife ...

lundi 21 juin 2010

The summer 2010 begins today...

Summer 2010 officially begins today Monday, June 21. The summer temperature has however been very warm since early April (Montreal has experienced the feast of Easter on April 4 in the summer temperature ...). Is it global warming? I am not really conviced because when I grew up in the Gaspé, our summer season also began early and sea temperatures began to cool towards the beginning of July ... Happy summer!
Picture: Ulysse the Dog, Bernard Bujold and a cargo ship from Halifax

vendredi 18 juin 2010

The Cardinal Marc Ouellet would go back to Rome...

Cardinal Marc Ouellet has never hidden that he would have liked to stay in Rome and never to be named Cardinal in Quebec. He had accepted the appointment by respect for his bosses in Rome but Cardinal Marc Ouellet did not want to come to Quebec because he preferred to work in the Vatican where his nickname is the "Preacher". An intellectual who believes that God is also the Church of Rome. But he is a close friend of the actual Pope and it seems that his friend Benloit XVI will repatriate him. To be continued...

jeudi 17 juin 2010

Jaroslav Halak will leave Montréal

The goalie of the Montreal Canadiens Jaroslav Halak was traded to the team of St. Louis. Halak had raised the Habs fans spirit during recent playoffs but he will not return in front of Les Canadians's net. Sad departure! The team chose to bet on Carey Price ...

A dog is in love...

A neighbor told me recently that she have been very shocked when her best friend told her last Christmas that she had more love for her two dogs than for her (the friend)! The two women have stopped seeing each other and they no longer speak since.
The son of a rich American had worse story: his mother (Gail Posner - 67 years) bequeathed one million dollars in legacy to him and left the rest of her fortune to her dog Conchita ($ 3 million in cash plus a $ 8.3 million house). The son asks the Court in Miami to cancel the will.
The mascot of, Ulysse, wants match with Conchita. He says she is very attractive ... (A Love Dog)

mercredi 16 juin 2010

The war of Barack Obama...

Barack Obama is at war and he is like the character of Homer's Odyssey. He fought against the enterprises of his own kingdom. His address to the nation of Tuesday, June 15 was definitely an attack against major industrial companies such as BP oil. But does Obama have the statutory authority and will American support him to win this war? The future of the American President depends on this issue.
Photos from top to bottom:1 and 2. Barack Obama's Speech to the Nation; 3. Barack Obama on Casio Beach, Florida; 4. Lighthouse on a rock at sea.

A Quebec judge is accused of murdering his wife ...

The city of Sillery was the symbol of calm and luxury residences for politicians and judges of the city of Quebec. A sort of Westmount of Montreal. They must now manage the image of one resident, a judge, accused of killing his wife with a firearm... The judge was jailed Tuesday and the evidence will be filed next Monday. Jacques Delisle is a retired judge of the Court of Appeal of Quebec and it is 75 years old. The case could be an assisted suicide.

mardi 15 juin 2010

Quebecor will launch a news network...

It's confirmed, Quebecor announced its future news network in English. A website is already online!The new network will be developed using LCN and Sun Media and Quebecor will invest approximately $ 100 million over the next 5 years. The network will be managed from Ottawa and should be on air next January 1st if the federal government grant a license.

lundi 14 juin 2010

The Grand Prix F1 of Montreal and the free cookies...

The Grand Prix F1 of Montreal is truly the crossroads of two worlds. While some fans of the F1 paid $ 10,000 per meal in restaurants and drink wine priced at $ 1.500 (see full description in the text of the Press), other fans were looking forward to a simple box of cookies at $ 2.99 distributed free on Crescent Street ... Who do you think have the most fun?

dimanche 13 juin 2010

Montreal Ogilvy's stores have a new owner...

It's official Ogilvy Montreal stores change hands and the Bombardier family with Laurent Beaudoin become buyers. The new group will open next fall an Ogilvy's store at Dix30 Brossard and a center of Congress and hotel. Paul Roberge (ex-Les Ailes de la Mode) is part of the group promoters and says he wants to expand the brand throughout Quebec by the next years!
To be continued...
(Photo by Bernard Bujold)

mercredi 9 juin 2010

The chance of winning...

Following the reporting on the site about the story on Celine Dion published in Paris Match (June 3 to 9), I received several comments from artists who were wondering why Celine is lucky and they are not? My answer: Life is like a hockey league... There are winners and losers!
But the more important to remember is that everything lasts only for the duration of a season; victories and defeats. There will be other competitions with other winners and other losers with new seasons.
The feeling of artists who do not understand why Celine win often is not only present in the art world and all sectors of life are facing this question. The losers, as the winners themselves, are always wondering: Why me? The answer is a set of timing, environment, resources, perseverance and especially luck.
I recently read the biography of Mark Zuckerberg and I could not help to see a certain resemblance between Facebook and When I read the early history of Facebook, it closely resembles of because we both started around the same period in 2003-2005. At the beginning, and this in both cases, we started without too much hope and the concept was one among others. Mark Zuckerberg led from the front several Internet projects and Facebook was more a game a computer than an commercial enterprise. (the name of the concept was ThefaceBook).
When I started in March 2005, I wanted to return to the media circuit and the magazine gave me a public forum but I did not think of it as a commercial enterprise and I also worked as a consultant on other projects.
In the case of Facebook, Zuckerberg began to take his project seriously only in June 2004 when he left Harvard to go to settle for the summer with his three partners in a small rented house in California (Palo Alto). There he realized he had a promising project and he never returned to Harvard. In my case, it was not until 2007 that I began to believe that I have in hands a promising commercial project. I was in contact with a few rich people financially, one with substantial inflows in United States and I was in contact with some senior leaders of a large European publishing empire. I was confident that I had a successful winning hand considering my experience at Quebecor with Péladeau who had taught me a thing or two about the media. I also had some local partners among which the former artistic director of a major women's magazine in Quebec.
But I had not expected that the European leaders with who I discussed suddenly will lose their jobs following a restructuring and that my Senior Financial backer deceased forgetting to leave me funds to continue the project that we started...
My project died like a fireplace that turns off when the paper log is burned out and the logs have not been taken into flame.
Today in 2010, Facebook has over 500 million members and is a simple blog site and I'm looking for a job ... One succeeded, one failed!
There are sports teams that win playoff games and other who lose, as there are players who make the National League and other which will not exceed the junior leagues This is not because the losers are not good, it's because they have not met the good events and finally, for them, the luck has not been at the rendez-vous. One must have watched the playoffs of Les Canadiens against Washington, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to understand that "luck" is the decisive factor between victory or defeat.
For one Celine Dion, there are thousands of other artists with great talent who only last for a few songs, before giving up in front of too many refusals. That is wrong to stop trying because we should never mourn our loss and must always continue to play elsewhere, in another season.
Do not forget that nothing lasts: no more failures than successes. It is acceptable to lose but you should never stop playing and always try to win, until the last minute of the game of your live! Celine Dion has understood this principle and her twins will be the result of a sixth test in vitro fertilization.
Life is a game, nothing more! As long as we play, we have a chance to win ...
-Bernard Bujold
Photos from top to bottom: 1. Mark Zuckerberg (photo D8 Conference); 2. René Angelil and Céline Dion (Photos by Bernard Bujold); 3. Bernard Bujold and mascots; Jaroslav Halak Canadiens goaltender (photo by FLICKR).

mardi 8 juin 2010

The art of departure...

It is Charles Aznavour who sings: You must know how to leave the table ...
One could say that the famous American journalist Helen Thomas is adept in the art of leaving the table. She was a corresponding journalist at the White House for over 50 years and she announced noisily her forced resignation after his statements to the effect that Jews should leave Palestine to settle elsewhere in the world. The reaction of the Jewish community was enraged but one wonders if Helen Thomas (89 years old) has not taken advantage of the moment of brilliance to take a well deserved retirement and make an exit noticed. The art of departures at its best ... Happy retirement to you Dear Helen!

lundi 7 juin 2010

Céline Dion and her babies...

The two interviews published by Paris Match with Rene Angelil and Celine Dion will fill their fans (see edition of 3 to 9 June 2010). The unanswered question: "The twins are they: boys, girls or one of each ... "The two babies are expected in late November.
For fans of Celine Dion and Rene Angelil, the best book written to date about the couple and their story remains the biography: Le maître du jeu. This story is the most exciting, realistic and full of all books published on this couple 'manager-artist ".

Bernie Madoff and his new life...

The topic of the week in the magazine world: the interview about Bernie Madoff published in New York Magazine (June 7, 2010). An excellent work as a journalist for obtaining interviews withMadoff's entourage and a successful editor work for the magazine.
Asked about his financial victims, Madoff replied."F. .. the Victim. I Carried Them Financially for 20 years ..."

vendredi 4 juin 2010

The Power of Facebook

For anyone who wants to better understand the importance of sites like Facebook, you must read the new book: The Facebook Effect. Around the world social sites have changed the lives and democratized power. Since Facebook, the power belongs to all individuals rather than few.nEven Ingrid Betancourt and the FARC have been affected by the phenomenon. The journey of the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg reads like a novel.

The annual conference on technology D8

The most important technology conference D8 (All Thing Digital) brought together decision makers in all. From Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer to Mark Zuckerberg. The full report is on the official website of D8. A unique event in the world presented for already 8 years by The Wall Street Journal.
(Photo courtesy of D8 from the bottom up: Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer and Mark Zuckerberg with the two organizers of D8, Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher)

mardi 1 juin 2010

Brian Mulroney and his career...

I have known Brian Mulroney personally..
If the man have a failure it is the one of wanting to be loved and shine in the public square as all politicians want. Brian could have been be a great businessman like Paul Desmarais but he preferred the world of politics and as all we know it, this job is done for the glory and love from the voters. If Brian had accepted the anonymity of the business world, he would have been a billionaire because he works very hard to achieve his goals and he is intelligent.But unfortunately we do not change career at 71 years! The choices of our youth are our life ...
Bernard Bujold
(Pictured Brian Mulroney and two of his four children, Mark and Caroline, at a event in Toronto on May 31, 2010)
See story from The Montreal Gazette