mardi 1 juin 2010

Brian Mulroney and his career...

I have known Brian Mulroney personally..
If the man have a failure it is the one of wanting to be loved and shine in the public square as all politicians want. Brian could have been be a great businessman like Paul Desmarais but he preferred the world of politics and as all we know it, this job is done for the glory and love from the voters. If Brian had accepted the anonymity of the business world, he would have been a billionaire because he works very hard to achieve his goals and he is intelligent.But unfortunately we do not change career at 71 years! The choices of our youth are our life ...
Bernard Bujold
(Pictured Brian Mulroney and two of his four children, Mark and Caroline, at a event in Toronto on May 31, 2010)
See story from The Montreal Gazette

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