lundi 31 août 2015


By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) - 
The photojournalist WILL STACEY currently exhibits in Montreal until September 27- 2015 at the Bonsecours Market: DEADLINE, a photo montage project that examines the transformations undergone in recent years inside newspapers in North America. 
For his project, Stacey has used the Philadelphia Inquirer, a newspaper he knows well and that looks like all other large urban newspapers in the United States as well as in Canada. We can also make a close comparaison to the Journal de Montreal and La Presse of Montreal. 
In the case of the Philadelphia Inquirer if it once occupied a majestic building in the city downtown, it is now housed in a former department store... 
According to Will Stacey, the future of newspapers is far from shining and the Internet can never replace the role of newspapers to protect democracy and to well inform citizen. DEADLINE is presented at the Bonsecours Market and included in the other exhibition World Press Photo 2015 Montreal. Will Stacey also presented a conférence at Centre Phi in Old Montreal where he explained to the public his perception of the importance of newspapers as well as his project. A very interesting presentation! 
Picture 1 to 3: Will Stacey during his conference;
Pictures 4 to 6: World Press Photo Montreal 2015;

dimanche 16 août 2015


By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) - 
Tennis is a great sport because it uses pure endurance and each player is alone in the field against his opponent. 
Some champions are spectacular and others less but we recognize the true champion in his durability. Winning a game may be due to chance but to remain at the top requires and means to be an exceptional athlete. 
Novak Djokovic is this kind of champion! 
Here are pictures of a tennis lesson by this great athlete! 
Photos 1,2,3,4,and 5: Novak Djokovic at Rogers Cup Montreal 2015;
Photo 6: Bernard Bujold;

mercredi 12 août 2015


By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) -
It's next Saturday August 15, 2015 that will be celebrated by the Mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume, marriage between Julie Snyder and Pierre Karl Péladeau. It was also another mayor, Nicolas Sarkozy (Neuilly sur Seine), who had celebrated the first marriage of PKP. 
We note two important missing guest at Saturday's party: Celine Dion, on the side of Julie and Brian Mulroney, on the side of PKP. Only one international star was announced, Michel Drucker. 
The temperature should be favorable to married with sunshine on the Old Quebec and 25 Celsius. 
Unfortunately, I will not be at the event, being held elsewhere...
Photo 1: Pierre Karl Peladeau and Julie;
Photo 2: Wedding Site Old Quebec;
Photo 3: Julie and Michel Drucker;
Photo 4: Julie and Céline Dion;
Photo 5: Brian Mulroney and Pierre Karl Péladeau;
Photo 6: Nicolas Sarkozy and Régis Labeaume;
Photo 7: Bernard Bujold playing golf;


By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1)- 
Justin Trudeau held on Monday August 10 his first major rally in Montreal for the election of next October 19 at the theater Astral in the "Quartier des spectacles" on Ste-Catherine Street. A small packed audience for a short visit full of energy on the part of the aspiring Prime Minister Trudeau. 
It is difficult to predict who will win the election race for the future prime minister position but it is inevitable that Justin Trudeau has boundless energy and has the charisma of a rock star! To be continued... 
Pictures 1 to 6: Justin Trudeau rally;
Picture 7: Bernard Bujold;

dimanche 9 août 2015


By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) -
The memoirs of Thomas Mulcair arrived in bookstores across Canada and this a few days after the call for the election of next 19 October. The timing is perfect for a book written in the style "election pamphlet." 
The book of 192 pages: STRENGHT OF CONVICTION (including the index of names cited in the book ...) is the work of the editor Michelle Tyssère (the daughter) and it is the publishing house with the name of her mother which publishes it. The Tyssère family is very close with the Mulcair and one could imagine that the family will vote in block for Mulcair, especially Charles who made a spectacular public outing against Stephen Harper and CBC management ... 
Those who seek to better understand the policies of Mulcair will not find anything special or new in the book, but those who want to better understand who is Thomas Mulcair will appreciate the book. Personally, I especially loved and was really touched by reading the second chapter on the history of his relationship with Catherine Pinhas, his wife. This is according to me, the best chapter. Catherine is of French Jewish and grew up with his parents in the prestigious Parisian suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine (the city where Nicholas Sarkozy was mayor ...) 
The book will appeal to NDP policies organizers will certainly serve as a promotional tool toward the NDP leader.
Picture 1: Thomas Mulcair;
Picture 2: Cover of the book;

vendredi 7 août 2015


By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) - 
The question that everyone is asking: Is it possible that a character as colorful as Donald Trump could become the next President of the United States? 
According to me, there is a possibility! 
I know the existence of Donald Trump since 1979 when I was interested in New York and business (I wanted to be an entrepreneur before being a journalist ...). 
I discovered Donald through the biography of his father Fred Trump, a large real estate entrepreneur from New -York in the Brooklyn and Queens, where he developed the concept of residential rental housing. A sort of Robert Campeau in the US style. 
The story of the father is as captivating as the one of his son. Both men, however, are totally different in terms of personality. Fred Trump was like Donald a man with an iron discipline but sober and discreet in its projects. Donald said he took the side of his mother and he is more theatrical ... 
Donald does not drink any alcohol or coffee. His brother died of alcoholism at the age of 45 years. 
To know the character of Donald Trump, just read his autobiography: THE ART OF THE DEAL published in 1987. Trump explains in the book his vision of the business world, communications and life. His personality and his world have not changed in any way today and one fully recognizes in the 2015 the Trump of the 1980. That is why the character is so effective at the public level. Donald has not invented nor looking for an style in the Republican campaign, he remains the one he is from its very beginning with his father. A man who is aggressive and a leader in his mind. 
Politically, Donald can easily be compared to Ronald Reagan. An character out of the normality of politics but with a lot of charisma on people. At the Quebec level, we could see a resemblance to Pierre Karl Péladeau. Both are coming from their father business and the two are outside the norm. Sometimes cheeky but they connect with the people. In a sense, they are modern heroes, rebels who rise up against conventional politicians. A story to be continued, in both cases! 
Photo 1: Book cover THE ART OF THE DEAL;
PHOTO 2 ET 4: Donald Trump ;
PHOTO 3: Fred Trump and his wife ;
PHOTO 5: One of theTRUMP Buildings;


By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) -
The first leaders' debate organized by Maclean's did not send anyone to the mat for the count. Harper had specific and serious answers; Thomas Mulcair performed well but failed to really score points; and Justin Trudeau had the look of a young star, elegant and energetic, but he had not the serious of the two veterans Mulcair and Harper. As for the other leader, she did not measure up to the other three... 
The question still remains unanswered at the moment for me: 
"I vote for who on next October 19, 2015 ?" 
Picture 1: Stephen Harper;
Picture 2: Thomas Mulcair;
Picture 3: Justin trudeau;
Picture 4: The four leader during the Maclean's debate;

mercredi 5 août 2015


By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) - 
A Facebook friend and former director of communications for the Montreal World Film Festival(FFM), Lison Lescarbeau, sent me the press invitation for: LEO: UNE COURSE CONTRE LA HONTE, a play focusing on "the initiation and acceptance and the arrival in the big city." 
There was a time when I was at all the theater presented in Montreal and this is probably why Lison sent me the invitation... Today I am however a little off the theater circuit but I can recognize a good play. 
The author Gregory Puelo Deir, also a former press secretary at the FFM, has much influence in the gay community in Montreal and was one of the creators at Divers / Cité, which became Montreal Pride. 
The play theater depicts the tribulations of Leo, a young gay man desperately searching for true love and who in all his bad luck, finds its share of happiness. Raw and daring, this head-to-head is an immersion in the various events shaping the life of Leo. The author had a great success with SAINT JUDE VILLAGE - French adaptation of Holy Tranity! - which dealt with the ravages of AIDS in the gay community and gay social life in the 1980s. The new piece of Puelo Deir exposes another facet of homosexuality and its acceptance procedures. LEO: A RACE AGAINST THE SHAME is a piece much more introspective and highly autobiographical. 
The presentation takes place in two period, the first from August 11 to 15 and then from August 19 to 23 (2015) at Café Cleopatra located at 1230 St. Laurent Boulevard in Montreal (corner Ste-Catherine). 
Have Good theater!
Photo 1: Poster of the play;
Photo 2: Puelo Deir;

lundi 3 août 2015


By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) - 
The launch of the 2015 election was missed by all counts, except perhaps Justin Trudeau who took advantage of the awkwardness of his opponents... 
The favorite to win, Thomas Mulcair, is reminiscent of Pauline Marois as he launched his campaign very nervously reading a text on screen and then refusing to answer questions from journalists. Although, in theory, he is the one that has the best chance to defeat Stephen Harper, it is also possible that he does what it is called in golf for identifying poor performance by a champion:"choked"! 
As for Stephen Harper, his first rally in Montreal was marked by protests and police arrests. Moreover, the obligation to book in advance for the fans their participation in Conservative rallies will most certainly be much criticized by the voters... 
Justin Trudeau is ultimately the only one who has not made a mistake on day one, but precisely because it has not really launched his campaign in Quebec. Better to do nothing than to screw up... 
As for Gilles Duceppe, he do not seems to have the wind in the sails and, increasingly, it is clear that he will not be a significant element in the campaign in Quebec against the other three leaders in contention. 
Conclusion: The election campaign is officially launched and, as in sport, all results are possible, especially surprises! 
Good campaign to all candidates and good election to all voters! 
Photo 1: Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Gilles Duceppe;
SEE STORY CBC (french);