mercredi 5 août 2015


By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) - 
A Facebook friend and former director of communications for the Montreal World Film Festival(FFM), Lison Lescarbeau, sent me the press invitation for: LEO: UNE COURSE CONTRE LA HONTE, a play focusing on "the initiation and acceptance and the arrival in the big city." 
There was a time when I was at all the theater presented in Montreal and this is probably why Lison sent me the invitation... Today I am however a little off the theater circuit but I can recognize a good play. 
The author Gregory Puelo Deir, also a former press secretary at the FFM, has much influence in the gay community in Montreal and was one of the creators at Divers / Cité, which became Montreal Pride. 
The play theater depicts the tribulations of Leo, a young gay man desperately searching for true love and who in all his bad luck, finds its share of happiness. Raw and daring, this head-to-head is an immersion in the various events shaping the life of Leo. The author had a great success with SAINT JUDE VILLAGE - French adaptation of Holy Tranity! - which dealt with the ravages of AIDS in the gay community and gay social life in the 1980s. The new piece of Puelo Deir exposes another facet of homosexuality and its acceptance procedures. LEO: A RACE AGAINST THE SHAME is a piece much more introspective and highly autobiographical. 
The presentation takes place in two period, the first from August 11 to 15 and then from August 19 to 23 (2015) at Café Cleopatra located at 1230 St. Laurent Boulevard in Montreal (corner Ste-Catherine). 
Have Good theater!
Photo 1: Poster of the play;
Photo 2: Puelo Deir;

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