mardi 31 mai 2011

Prince William and Kate will visit Canada and Montreal...

Kate and William's decided to go ahead with their visit to Canada and they will come to Montreal on July 2. 2011. The exact route is yet to come.
A couple groups have promised to demonstrate against the monarchy which complicates the preparation of the organizers. For his part, Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper promised during the royal wedding to provide the young couple with camping equipment to help them to better appreciate Canada. A question asked by some: Will Pippa be on the trip?
Stay tuned!

Photo 1,2,3 : Prince William and Kate ;
Photo 4: Pippa;
Photo 5: Canadian Tire's tent ;

lundi 30 mai 2011

Eric Lamaze and the horse Hickstead in Rome...

The champion equestrian Eric Lamaze and his horse Hickstead won the equestrian jumping competition in Rome to continue to earn World ranking points 2011.
Congratulations and good continuation of season!

Photo 1.2, and 3: Eric Lamaze in Rome;
Photo 4: The horse Hickstead;
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samedi 28 mai 2011

Interview Lady Gaga and Stephen Fry...

The Financial Times of London published an exclusive interview with Lady Gaga by actor and writer Stephen Fry.
According to Lady Gaga, one must discover who he is and then support themselves internally to become a champion!
A unique story and photos.

Photo: Lady Gaga and Stephen Fry by The Financial Times;
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vendredi 27 mai 2011

Dominique Strauss-Khan and his old friends...

Dominique Strauss-Khan has friends everywhere, at least he had ...
One wonders what Barack Obama said while he retains Dominique Strauss-Khan, who seems to go for Michelle Obama?
It was in the United State in September 2009 at the G-20 (Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).
Photo1,2 and 3: Dominique Strauss-Khan with Barack and Michelle Obama;
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jeudi 26 mai 2011

Old Port of Montreal, a beach in a bottle...

The team of the Old Port of Montreal is planning to build a public beach near the Quai de l'Horloge. The project is valued at $ 180 million and the Funds have yet to be obtained from various governments, particularly from Conservatives of Stephen Harper ...
The facilities will offer no swimming except watering by artificial casings with jets in a drizzle. In other words, a beach in a bottle!
Mayor Gerald Tremblay is so excited about this project that he decided to celebrate the announcement with a stroll in Bixi ... No representatives of Governments, however, has accepted to go with him!
Long live at the Beach! Long live to summer! Cheers water bottles!

Photo 1 and 2: Draft of the project ;
Photo 3: Bottled water;

mercredi 25 mai 2011

Corey Hart is back in business...

Corey Hart is back in the music world, but not with Julie Masse.
The rock singer and father is in Montreal to present its first artist as a producer for Warner Music (Siena Records). Marie-Christine has voice and her songs are catchy and rhythmic. Sometimes we found a resemblance to Madonna and her album: "I'm Breathless - Dick Tracy" (1990).
The new album of Marie-Christine is titled: "Walk In Beauty".
A very interesting album and an artist to watch!

PHOTO 1: Corey Hart with Julie Masse and their four children ;

mardi 24 mai 2011

The future of the news website RUE FRONTENAC...

The information website RUE FRONTENAC is threatened of final closure in less than 30 days unless a financial solution is discovered!
This site is one of the best in Quebec in terms of its quality as information website but it lacks the essential element to survive, a convergence that would allow it to be financially funded.
The situation is similar in all respects to that of We had over 60,000 subscribers by emails and a rising visibility with over 4000 daily visitors on the website. We were a small group of 5 persons but we had among us a financial patron and our goal was to "sell" our project to a large group, either French, Canadian or American, and that from its starting in 2005.
When the financial patron died in late 2008 and that we could not complete any negotiations with major private press groups, we knew the project was doomed to die and it would not continue. The group was closed in December 2009 and I kept the website as a personal blog with Miss X and the mascots ...
The site RUE FRONTENAC has two major differences compared to site. It is primarily a social project, not a private business project, and secondly the team consists of a few tens of the best journalists and press photographers in Quebec.
If I have any advice to the organizers of Rue Frontenac it is to seek convergence towards electronic media rather than paper media. According to me, a group like Tele-Quebec is interesting because it could enjoy the contents of RUE FRONTENAC and the work of its journalists. This television network is currently disabled because it does not have a newsroom (even the Weather Network presents news bulletins).
RUE FRONTENAC is the best in town but with no money, it's the end of the trip. Good luck!

Photo 1 : Logo Rue Frontenac;
Photo 2: Newsroom of Rue Frontenac ;

lundi 23 mai 2011

The Queen's Birthday 2011 (Canada)

Queen Elizabeth II is very happy!
First, because she has reached its 85 years on April 21; Secondly because the end of the world did not happen Saturday, May 21 as had announced several media, and thirdly because Canadians are on holliday today, Monday, May 23, for statutory leave.
To celebrate her joy, she made ​​a small car ride to go to her Royal stables and then go on a horseback excursion with members of her family.
Long live the days of celebration! Long live the Queen ...

Pictures : Queen Elizabeth II;
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dimanche 22 mai 2011

Apple celebrates the 10th anniversary of its stores with sobriety...

Apple celebrates today, Sunday May 22, the 10th anniversary of its stores. The event is however rather sober as no special activity is on the agenda. The Apple store managers have simply cleaned up a bit and changed the price signs located near computers by replacing them with iPad on which customers write their questions about each products ...
Also, there is a rumor that some store employees would use this 10th annversaire to form a union ... Oops!
The average profit per store was $ 9.9 million per year and there are 324 stores in 11 countries.
Photos 1 and 2: Apple Store Paris Louvre;
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vendredi 20 mai 2011

The end of the world did not happened...

Several people had been waiting for the end of the world for Saturday, May 21 2011. It was said that God descended to earth to gather the souls worthy to go to heaven while others would go to the devil!
The event did not happened...
Photo: Closure of the old moon in the end the world on earth;
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jeudi 19 mai 2011

Dominique Strauss-Khan is free on bail...

A grand jury in New York has officially accused Dominique Strauss-Khan of sex crimes but a judge granted him bail at $ 1 million in cash and $ 5 million in bank guarantee.
The trial will begin on June 6.
Conclusion: No matter who you are in society, you may one day become a beggar. This go for people like a financial as Strauss-Khan or a cardiac surgeons as Drs Guy Turcotte or everyone else of this world. The line between king and beggar is very thin!
Photo 1,2 and 3: Dominique Strauss-Khan and his lawyer William Taylor;
Photo 4: Anne Sinclair and DSK's daughter Camille;
Photo 5: The Sofitel in New Yor;

Bones is pregnant from Booth...

Do you know the news? Bones Booth is pregnant and the father is Booth! The secret was unveiled during the season finale on Fox TV (Wednesday, May 19).
In reality, the actress Emily Deschanel (Bones) is really pregnant her husband's real (David Hornsby). Producers of Bones, including Kathy Reichs, have therefore decided to use reality to create fiction...

Photo 1.2, and 3: Scenes from the finale of the 6th season of Bones - Fox;
Photo 4: The real husband of Bones - David Hornsby and Emily Deschanel;
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mercredi 18 mai 2011

The success of the TV series The Good Wife ...

A story that ends well and so romantic ...
The episode aired last night (May 17, 2011) was the season finale of The Good Wife on CBS.
A scenario both fiction but also very specific about the dynamics at a large law firm and the operation of American justice.
The best television series in 2011.
Many observers compare a part of the plot of the finale with the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his separation ...
Photos 1,2,3, and 4 : Scenes of the finale of The Good Wife - CBS ;
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mardi 17 mai 2011

Cheers babies and married life ...

Love and babies for some and separation for other ...
The President of France Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni are waiting officially a baby and the news was confirmed by their families.
Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he was separated after 25 years of marriage because he was the father of a baby 10 years ago with his housekeeper.
For their part, the couple Charles and Bonnie Bronfman of New York decided to make a party for their separation.
Long live the lives of the rich and famous, long live babies and long live love!
Note: The rumor have it that if it's a boy, Nicolas and Carla would give to their baby the name of "Bernard"...
Stay tuned!
Photo 1: Carla Bruni;
Photo 2: Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni;
Photo 3: Arnold Schwarzenegger;
Photo 4: Charles Bronfman and Bonnie;
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lundi 16 mai 2011

U.S. Juctice refuses to release Dominique Strauss-Khan...

Dominique Strauss-Kahn will remain in prison until the grand jury hearing which will determine next Friday (May 20) whether to hold a criminal trial for attempted rape against a maid at the Sofitel in New York.
Meanwhile, several journalists and observers theorize the plot, while others seek ways to meet in person the mysterious woman who is accusing Strauss-Khan.
Stay tuned!
Photo 1 and 2: Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his lawyers;
Photo 3: Dominique Strauss-Khan and the policeman;