dimanche 8 mai 2011

The story of Shania Twain and the tragedy of Dr Guy Turcotte

The story of singer Shania Twain strangely resembles that of Dr. Guy Turcotte and tragedy occurred in Quebec.
Shania Twain did not kill her son, unlike Turcotte who killed his two children, but lost his voice. In both cases, it's madness caused by the betrayal of one partner with the best friend of the couple who transformed behavior. Fortunately in the case of Shania, the conclusion is more romantic because it married spouse of his best friend with whom her husband had cheated ...
Shania Twain's autobiography is a fascinating book and very inspiring. A must read!
Photo 1: Coverage of the autobiography of Shania Twain;
Photo 2 and 3: Shania Twain;
See site Shania Twain ;
View Article USA Today ;
See Red Book magazine (June 2011) ;

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