mardi 10 mai 2011

The restaurant Moishes of Montreal - Celebrating 73 years of tradition ...

The restaurant's Moishes at 3961 St-Laurent in Montreal is celebrating its 73th anniversary by unveiling the renovations in the dining room done by Patty Xenos and welcoming the new Chief Josh Fiddler from Vancouver.
Moishes is a unique restaurant in Montreal and several international stars as Leonard Cohen made it their favorite restaurant. ( Moishes is located a few blocks from the Montreal home of Leonard Cohen in the Portuguese quarter)
Moishes is identified as one of the best Steakhouses in the world according to Forbes Traveler.
The arrival of the new chef will modernize the menu but it will nevertheless continue to respect the tradition of Moishes.
Good appetite!
Picture 1 and 2: Moishes Restaurant ;
Picture 3: Larry and Lenny Lighter, the son of the founder ;
Picture 4: Journalists Serge Dion and Murielle Fournier (Le Babillart) and Bernard Bujold (

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