vendredi 13 mai 2011

The adventures of a Tilley Hat...

Last summer, a female friend gave me a Tilley hat to thank me for my help during her visit to Montreal. The friend went back and I wore the hat on several occasions during the summer. Then two or three people have remarked that the hat was too small for my size! I let the comment go away, except that I told myself that this year I would check the facts.
I first visited the shop in the Bonsecours Market, which sells hats. The saleswoman told me that indeed the hat was too small but I had to contact the company directly and she handed me a brochure. So I contacted Tilley to explain the situation and reminding them that in their advertising, they guarantee customer satisfaction for life. They even write that some owners of Tilley transmit their hats in their testament ... The phone operator of Tilley explained that however, despite the publicity, after one year, there was no way to correct my situation and that the best would be "simply" to give the hat too small and to buy a new model ($ 80). She also invited me to visit their corporate store located in Brossard. So I decided to visit the shop Tilley hoping at Dix 30 wishing to obtain a better understanding but no, it was the same negative response.
Finally, I "simply" removed the label Tilley from the hat that I threw in the dustbin of my parking, but I kept the label to not to forget my disappointment with this brand!
In my case, the legacy will be a label and Summer 2011 will be without a hat!
Photo: Bernard Bujold with his Tilley too small;
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