vendredi 31 janvier 2014


Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
The magazine Paris Match published an exclusive report on Valerie Trierweiler and her separation from François Hollande. 
The report consists of three parts : 
1 . The visit to India; 
2 . The discussion between Valerie and Paris Match on the plane to India : 
3 . An account of the various comments around Hollande after the separation. 
In summary, Valerie was surprised by the separation and she said : " ... I heard rumors ... but I did not pay any attention ... when I knew , it was as if I was falling from a skyscraper " 
From the side of Hollande, he is definitely afraid of revenge from Valerie even if she says that she wants to move on. As François Hollande said: " ...To humiliate someone is a problem, especially when the wounded animal is called Valerie Trierweiler, who anyone can fear the claws. Regarding her future, Valerie says she still considers herself a journalist at heart: "You do not become a journalist, you are one ..."" 
For the curious who want to read the entire article, you must buy the magazine because Paris Match did not published it for free on his public website...
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Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
The former president of the FTQ, Michel Arsenault, was the big winner of his four days in front of the Charbonneau Commission and he is a great defender of Quebec workers and the least a nationalist... He is also a proud "gaspésien" and does not hide it ! 
The downside could be the aggressive tone maintained throughout the examination by the Commission but ultimately, we can quantify the whole passage by a victory for four days to zero in favor of Michel Arsenault... 
One could also remember the passage of Michel Arsenault before the Commission Charbonneau by the final cross-examination for the Parti Québécois by lawyer Estelle Tremblay. A cross-examination in the excellence of the art. A conclusion of that examination could be that the Parti Québécois is definitely in "electoral" mode and it took advantage of the "nationalism" of Michel Arsenault to defend and enhance the reputation and integrity of the current Prime Minister Pauline Marois. 
Elections are near... 
Photo 1: Justice France Charbonneau and Michel Arsenault ;
Photo 2: Michel Arsenault, lawyer Estelle Tremblay and the First Minister Pauline Marois ;
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vendredi 24 janvier 2014


Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
Pope Francis considers the Internet as a "gift from God ..." and he is also a big fan of Twitter . Francis explains in detail his support for social media in a text published on the subject of communication in the modern world. I read the text but also the intimate book just published by Father Antonio Spadaro following an exclusive interview with his Jesuit colleague today Pope: L'ÉGLISE QUE J'ESPÈRE. 
The two texts are very insightful about the true personality of Pope Francis. In both writings we discover that Pope Francis has no fear of change and that he is a great communicator. He is also a peaceful rebel but, as he himself admits, foxy. He wishes profoundly to change the church and make it more current and more modern worldwide. The Pope also believes, and greatly, in human charity. 
On a more anecdotal note, the Pope Francis and the President of France, François Hollande, have officially met in Rome on Friday January 24. Although the two men studied in the same French boarding school, at different times, and if we can say the meeting was the one of "the two Francis", we cannot say that the two characters share the same opinions. It is said that the Pope smiled not much in the discussion with his namesake politician and former colleague at boarding... 
Rumor has it that the Pope Francis will go on official visit to the United States in 2014. President Barack Obama will be received at the Vatican in March, with his wife Michelle... 
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jeudi 23 janvier 2014

EUGENIE "GENIE" Bouchard - Tennis champion ...

Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
The young tennis champion 19 years, Eugenie ( Genie ) Bouchard, lost his semifinal match at the tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia. 
Her journey is greatly reminiscent of that of another young champion Canadian Milos Raonic (23 years), who had pointed out last summer in Montreal ( August 2013 ) when he played, but lost, in the final against champion Rafael Nadal. Raonic is now ranked 11th in the world rankings. 
Regarding Eugenie Bouchard, the end is not known. The athlete can play a great tennis, she is not nervous under the pressure and she is nice to her fans which is making her a friendly and popular star. She even has her own fan club, GENIE ARMY... 
Eugenie Bouchard is currently 31st in the world rankings. 
To be continued...
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Photo 4: Milos Raonic and Rafael Nadal ( August 2013 - Montreal ) ;
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lundi 20 janvier 2014

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER - The future after his accident ...

Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
This is a crucial week for the champion Michael Schumacher especially on Friday, January 24 when there will be held a press conference by the authorities about the skiing accident occurred on Sunday morning, December 29, 2013 in Meribel in the French Alps and from which Schumacher is since then in an artificial coma at University Hospital of Grenoble. 
The accident occurred around 11:00 am (6:00 am Montreal time) while Schumacher was skiing with his son, aged 14, in a sector off track when he fell heavily and despite his helmet, his head hit a rock under the snow. The helmet was broken into three parts causing serious brain injury . The champion racing was evacuated in less than ten minutes by helicopter to hospital in Moutiers in the region and transferred under an hour later to the Service Emergency CHU Grenoble, where he was admitted to 12:40 ( 7:40 time Montreal ). This rapid action would have saved his life, although he did not regained consciousness since the medically induced coma upon arrival to the hospital. 
It will be recalled that the actress Natasha Richardson, wife of actor Liam Neeson, died after falling skiing in Mont Tremblant in March 2009 and some experts had assumed that faster care after the accident could have saved her life. In the case of Natasha, she had returned to her room after falling while walking and to feel later severe headaches and agree then to be taken to hospital but too late. In addition, she was not wearing a helmet at the time of her fall on a beginner track  (Beauvallon ). 
Michael Schumacher turned 45 years old on Friday, January 3, 2014. 
Natasha Richardson was also 45 years old when she died on March 18, 2009. 
Good luck to you Michael ! 
To be continued...
Photo 1 and 2: Michael Schumacher ;
Photo 2: Michael Schumacher and his wife Corinna Betsch (2013);
Photo 3: Natasha Richardson and her husband Liam Neeson (2009);
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jeudi 16 janvier 2014

FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE - The French President and his women ...

By Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
The rumor started as a simple gossip with photos of the French President on a motorcycle but it has now become a serious political scandal! 
François Hollande would frequent secretly actress Julie Gayet and the magazine CLOSER got pictures of the President alone driving on a small motorcycle to the private residence of the actress. Only one bodyguard accompanied the President which is worrying for his safety considering international terrorism. 
The President has not denied the love affair but he did not want to give detail saying it is a private matter. The alleged love of French President, Julie Gayet, played in many films including the role of the lover of journalist played by actor Roy Dupuis in the excellent Québec film : L'AUTRE MAISON written and directed by Mathieu Roy and presented at the Montreal World Film Festival last fall. The film is fiction but it is also the true story of Michel Roy, a career journalist and editor at Le Devoir and La Presse. 
The President of France has refused to answer questions about his private life during the official press conference but he admitted that his relationship with Valérie Trierweiler is experiencing great difficulties and details will be giving before traveling to the United States on February 11 to meet Barack Obama... 
The President Hollande is the father of four children whose mother is Ségolène Royal and his actual spouse Valérie Trierweiler (also reporter at Paris Match ) was hospitalized for chronic fatigue after the unveiling the love affair with Julie Gayet. 
Who will chooses the President of France as his official spouse? 
It is almost like a vaudeville knows so well in the French cinema! 
To be continued... 
Photo 1: Cover magazine Paris Match ;
Photo 2: Ségolène Royal,Valérie Trierweiler, Julie Gayet and François Hollande;
Photo 3: Official press conference of the French president;
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MÉLANIE JOLY - 35 years old...

By Bernard Bujold ( - 
Best Birthday Wishes to Mélanie Joly celebrating today January 16, 2014, 35 years! 
Melanie has lost by little the campaign for mayor of Montreal in November 2013 but she intends to be back in the next municipal election on November 2017! 
Happy Birthday Melanie! 
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lundi 13 janvier 2014

LISE PAYETTE - The story of a woman ...

Bernard Bujold ( - 
The TV documentary "Lise Payette : un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin" is a captivating look at a time in the history of modern Quebec especially the beautiful early years of television to the government of René Lévesque in 1976 and ending with student demonstrations in the spring of 2012. 
Lise Payette is a prominent figure for the people of her time and all those who knew her will greatly appreciate the documentary, while the younger ones will discover a significant character in the story Quebec. One may agree or disagree about her political ideologies, but her visions about human life, the love between two people and aging are particularly moving. The documentary will be shown again on public tv Télé-Québec network and broadcast on the private tv network TVA this next spring.
Photo 1: Shows the documentary;
Photo 2: Lise Payette ;
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RAFAEL NADAL - A true champion ...

Bernard Bujold ( - 
The magazine The Financial Times of London publishes a story about the world champion in tennis, Rafael Nadal. The interview was conducted by the author of his autobiography published in 2011, John Carlin. The intimate interview reveals several traits of Rafa including his philosophy to win. "I never consider myself as the best and whenever I start a game of tennis, I'm worried about losing. If one day I see myself as the best, it will be the beginning of my end..." Original quote in English: "I do not believe the acclaim, the success. Because the moment I did it Would Be all over. I'd be finished, "-Rafael Nadal 
A captivating story for all tennis lovers and fans of Rafa! 
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mardi 7 janvier 2014

Stories of rich people by Bernard Derome ...

Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
Bernard Derome is back on TV and he is hosting a Télé Québec series of three programs special report about money, Quebec rich people and their perception of "the rich life". Interesting look where the talent of reporter Bernard Derome is appreciated. 
One could also conclude, after the first program, that wealth is a state of mind and that money is a tool for living this mindset. To have known some very wealthy people, I would say that their motivation is never money as such. It is rather the desire to win and achieve, or impose their ideas. Sometimes it is a special talent in a field that attracts money by default effortlessly. In this sense, it is possible to be rich without possessing but rather access ! 
I would add that rich people whose only motivation is money are in a mood of "poor". 
To watch on Télé-Québec.
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Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Montreal police, a homeless in the cold and a McDonald's restaurant...

Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
Canadian media have circulated widely the history about a Montreal police officer and its threats to attach homeless to a post by the cold ! Some observers have criticized the media for publicized the case and considering the subject as significant. After the media storm of homeless threatened the post , there was another video, this time at a McDonald 's restaurant in Montreal where we see police violence. In this video , a group of police strikes a group of young people to make them leave the restaurant and the video by a witness toured the media... 
In a sense, these amateur videos resemble on a smaller scale, at the Julian Assange , Edward Snowden or Charbonneau Commission. This is the unveiling in broad daylight, by video or testimony, of the injustice and abuse by the authorities in place, public or private, police or government. You cannot be against justice, compassion and honesty! This is the reason for journalism and it is precisely the debate surrounding Edward Snowden. 
The question in his case: Is he a traitor to his government and country or a citizen hero who revealed illegal espionage by the U.S. government? The same approximation is done with the unveiling of Julian Assange and the video of the shooting helicopter by U.S. soldiers. 
This's all societal debate and opinions are shared. 
As proof, The New York Times published an editorial supporting Edward Snowden. This text has caused more than 1,500 public comments from readers. The NYT reveals that responses to the editorial text are divided into two, black or white, no gray area. There are those who want the illegal acts of the government as spying on citizens or other countries be revealed in broad daylight and Snowden is welcomed for his gesture. In contrast, there is the other half of comments supporting the right to secrecy of the state and its actions and some suggests the outright execution of Snowden which is described as a traitor to the nation and its government! This sharing of public opinion is similar to the novel 1984... 
The debate is far from over. If today there is the iPhone and iPad, in 2014 there will be the famous Google Glass!
Stay tuned!
Photo 1: Julian Assange and Edward Snowden ;
Photo 2 and 3: Homeless in the post and the police ;
Photo 4 : Video violence restaurant McDonald's ;
Photo 5: Police Cavalry Montreal Mount Royal ;
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