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Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
Pope Francis considers the Internet as a "gift from God ..." and he is also a big fan of Twitter . Francis explains in detail his support for social media in a text published on the subject of communication in the modern world. I read the text but also the intimate book just published by Father Antonio Spadaro following an exclusive interview with his Jesuit colleague today Pope: L'ÉGLISE QUE J'ESPÈRE. 
The two texts are very insightful about the true personality of Pope Francis. In both writings we discover that Pope Francis has no fear of change and that he is a great communicator. He is also a peaceful rebel but, as he himself admits, foxy. He wishes profoundly to change the church and make it more current and more modern worldwide. The Pope also believes, and greatly, in human charity. 
On a more anecdotal note, the Pope Francis and the President of France, François Hollande, have officially met in Rome on Friday January 24. Although the two men studied in the same French boarding school, at different times, and if we can say the meeting was the one of "the two Francis", we cannot say that the two characters share the same opinions. It is said that the Pope smiled not much in the discussion with his namesake politician and former colleague at boarding... 
Rumor has it that the Pope Francis will go on official visit to the United States in 2014. President Barack Obama will be received at the Vatican in March, with his wife Michelle... 
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