mardi 7 janvier 2014

Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Montreal police, a homeless in the cold and a McDonald's restaurant...

Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
Canadian media have circulated widely the history about a Montreal police officer and its threats to attach homeless to a post by the cold ! Some observers have criticized the media for publicized the case and considering the subject as significant. After the media storm of homeless threatened the post , there was another video, this time at a McDonald 's restaurant in Montreal where we see police violence. In this video , a group of police strikes a group of young people to make them leave the restaurant and the video by a witness toured the media... 
In a sense, these amateur videos resemble on a smaller scale, at the Julian Assange , Edward Snowden or Charbonneau Commission. This is the unveiling in broad daylight, by video or testimony, of the injustice and abuse by the authorities in place, public or private, police or government. You cannot be against justice, compassion and honesty! This is the reason for journalism and it is precisely the debate surrounding Edward Snowden. 
The question in his case: Is he a traitor to his government and country or a citizen hero who revealed illegal espionage by the U.S. government? The same approximation is done with the unveiling of Julian Assange and the video of the shooting helicopter by U.S. soldiers. 
This's all societal debate and opinions are shared. 
As proof, The New York Times published an editorial supporting Edward Snowden. This text has caused more than 1,500 public comments from readers. The NYT reveals that responses to the editorial text are divided into two, black or white, no gray area. There are those who want the illegal acts of the government as spying on citizens or other countries be revealed in broad daylight and Snowden is welcomed for his gesture. In contrast, there is the other half of comments supporting the right to secrecy of the state and its actions and some suggests the outright execution of Snowden which is described as a traitor to the nation and its government! This sharing of public opinion is similar to the novel 1984... 
The debate is far from over. If today there is the iPhone and iPad, in 2014 there will be the famous Google Glass!
Stay tuned!
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Photo 2 and 3: Homeless in the post and the police ;
Photo 4 : Video violence restaurant McDonald's ;
Photo 5: Police Cavalry Montreal Mount Royal ;
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