mardi 7 janvier 2014

Stories of rich people by Bernard Derome ...

Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
Bernard Derome is back on TV and he is hosting a Télé Québec series of three programs special report about money, Quebec rich people and their perception of "the rich life". Interesting look where the talent of reporter Bernard Derome is appreciated. 
One could also conclude, after the first program, that wealth is a state of mind and that money is a tool for living this mindset. To have known some very wealthy people, I would say that their motivation is never money as such. It is rather the desire to win and achieve, or impose their ideas. Sometimes it is a special talent in a field that attracts money by default effortlessly. In this sense, it is possible to be rich without possessing but rather access ! 
I would add that rich people whose only motivation is money are in a mood of "poor". 
To watch on Télé-Québec.
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