lundi 20 janvier 2014

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER - The future after his accident ...

Bernard Bujold ( ) - 
This is a crucial week for the champion Michael Schumacher especially on Friday, January 24 when there will be held a press conference by the authorities about the skiing accident occurred on Sunday morning, December 29, 2013 in Meribel in the French Alps and from which Schumacher is since then in an artificial coma at University Hospital of Grenoble. 
The accident occurred around 11:00 am (6:00 am Montreal time) while Schumacher was skiing with his son, aged 14, in a sector off track when he fell heavily and despite his helmet, his head hit a rock under the snow. The helmet was broken into three parts causing serious brain injury . The champion racing was evacuated in less than ten minutes by helicopter to hospital in Moutiers in the region and transferred under an hour later to the Service Emergency CHU Grenoble, where he was admitted to 12:40 ( 7:40 time Montreal ). This rapid action would have saved his life, although he did not regained consciousness since the medically induced coma upon arrival to the hospital. 
It will be recalled that the actress Natasha Richardson, wife of actor Liam Neeson, died after falling skiing in Mont Tremblant in March 2009 and some experts had assumed that faster care after the accident could have saved her life. In the case of Natasha, she had returned to her room after falling while walking and to feel later severe headaches and agree then to be taken to hospital but too late. In addition, she was not wearing a helmet at the time of her fall on a beginner track  (Beauvallon ). 
Michael Schumacher turned 45 years old on Friday, January 3, 2014. 
Natasha Richardson was also 45 years old when she died on March 18, 2009. 
Good luck to you Michael ! 
To be continued...
Photo 1 and 2: Michael Schumacher ;
Photo 2: Michael Schumacher and his wife Corinna Betsch (2013);
Photo 3: Natasha Richardson and her husband Liam Neeson (2009);
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