lundi 13 janvier 2014

RAFAEL NADAL - A true champion ...

Bernard Bujold ( - 
The magazine The Financial Times of London publishes a story about the world champion in tennis, Rafael Nadal. The interview was conducted by the author of his autobiography published in 2011, John Carlin. The intimate interview reveals several traits of Rafa including his philosophy to win. "I never consider myself as the best and whenever I start a game of tennis, I'm worried about losing. If one day I see myself as the best, it will be the beginning of my end..." Original quote in English: "I do not believe the acclaim, the success. Because the moment I did it Would Be all over. I'd be finished, "-Rafael Nadal 
A captivating story for all tennis lovers and fans of Rafa! 
Photo 1: Cover of the magazine The Financial Times;
See story The Financial Times magazine;

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