vendredi 28 janvier 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Montreal

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a speech before the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal on Thursday January 27.
The former California governor, movie actor and champion bodybuilder began his speech by thanking the two Montrealers Ben Weider (1923-2008) and his brother Joe who invited him to move to United States in 1968.
Schwarzenegger then proposed to the guests his recipe in eight points to explain his success.
1. Think Big;
2. Have Self-confidence;
3. Work hard;
4. Never accept NO as an answer;
5. Be generous;
6. Have passion;
7. Have a vision of his goals;
8. Never be afraid to fail.
Arnold does not believe in luck and he does not consider itself a leader of men.
In this sense, his best adviser is him! He is in life as in his film characters, a kind of lone warrior.
He says he is very happy with his life and he would not be anybody else except perhaps the Pope... he adds, laughing
Ben Weider said about Arnold that his biggest secret is his determination to go toward his personal goals. and that he is able to focus on its objectives as very few people are, and can be.
Finally, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a unique phenomenon in itself who created the character of his life and he wants to continue on this path.
Arnold Schwarzenegger intends to return to the movie business and write an autobiography.
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold at the conference;
Photo 2, 3: Arnold Schwarzenegger in Montreal;
Photo 4: Joe Weider, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ben Weider ( Archives)

mercredi 26 janvier 2011

Tribute to Audrey Best (1960-2011)

Audrey Best (50 years) represented the Montreal woman and her death marks a turning point in the political history of Quebec.
Bernard Bujold have known Audrey when she was the wife of Premier Lucien Bouchard:
"Audrey Best loved life and had adopted Quebec, particularly Montreal, where she remained after her separation with Lucien Bouchard.
The couple was beautiful but it could not really function in daily life.
Lucien is an intellectual who likes to read and discuss the ideas of the world while Audrey, 20 years younger and a California girl, loved to be active and she enjoyed the social life. I remember a story when the couple attended a private party in the Laurentians. There were fifty guests at the residence of a wealthy businessman in front of a small lake. Audrey decided to accept the invitation of the owner and to go water skiing. She had practiced this sport before but because there was a dozen children seated in the outboard, the boat could not accelerate quickly, which prevented Audrey to take the momentum out of the water with her skis. After four or five attempts, one had to see Lucien on the shore angry shouting at Audrey to stop and come back and talk quietly with guests rather than playing on the lake and risking an accident.
Audrey had persisted and finally she managed to make her ride.
For its part, Lucien continued to dig with his cane on the dock and he did not stop to repeat to the guests around him that it made no sense ...
I saw Audrey a few times after her separation and on occasion in the company of a well known restaurant owner from Montreal.
I heard about Audrey's disease along with the announcement of her death!
For me, it's as if a part of Montreal vanished with her departure "
Photo 1: Audrey Best

lundi 24 janvier 2011

Death of Le Journal de Montréal

Michel Houellebecq wrote in his novel LA CARTE ET LE TERRITOIRE there is a window to enter a life event. After this window, the event will never be possible. Here he talks about the love between his main character and another female character trying to reconnect together after several years of separation.
It's the same situation in all the events of life. There is a moment when the decision is taken and which will determine the future without being possible to return to starting point.
Le Journal de Montreal is at the stage of no return and its former existence will never be possible because the settlement window is in the past.
The error of the employees of the Journal de Montreal is not to have realized the reality the conflict in early 2009. An agreement was on the table and each of the two parties were ready to sign but Quebecor wanted to add cuts on working conditions. The union would then categorically refused convinced to be able to win over Quebecor and this was the beginning of the end and
the lockout. If employees of the Journal de Montréal had another union leadership, who could have communicate with the president of Quebecor, it is likely that agreement would have been possible.
In union bargaining, there are two basic elements to evaluate. The employment contract is one, but most important is communication between the boss and the union president. All great leaders I have known applied this approach to their work and they knew excellent results. I am thinking particularly of Pierre Péladeau father and Brian Mulroney. The latter, who was a union lawyer before becoming Prime Minister of Canada, was always preparing his labor negotiations with an analysis of people characte at the table then and only then, looked at clauses in employment contracts.
Raynald LeBlanc and Pierre-Karl Peladeau are like day and night and no dialogue has never been possible, and will never be possible! This is due to the incompatibility of each. The employees should have changed their Union's president's since the contrary is impossible with Pierre Karl Peladeau who owns the company Quebecor ...
The situation of La Presse (Gesca) is an example of good communication between employer and employees. Employees have reduced their working conditions and the paper survived the very serious threat of closure by Power Corp..
Negotiate a collective agreement is like selling and buying a car. For the mechanic, the important thing is not to have the perfect contract but to get the car out of the garage and for the customer it is to drive a car!
Photo 1: News room at Rue Frontenac
Photo 2: Assemblage with the book cover THE MAP AND THE TERRITORY
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vendredi 21 janvier 2011

Journalism according to Michel Gratton

The funeral of Michel Gratton ex-Press Secretary of Brian Mulroney are held today Friday January 21 in Ottawa (Vanier).
Bernard Bujold read for a second time the autobiography of Gratton.
"One day Gratton invited me to go check on what the journalists are saying about the topics of the day. I suggest we go for a walk in the offices of the Tribune Building in Central Block and that we chat with journalists preparing their texts for the next day. Michael had in mind instead of going to the bar at The Press Club...
It was in 1985 when journalists began to split into two clans.
Those without a university education who relied on human exchange to get the news and the emerging journalists, the graduates who were working in accordance with techniques.
Now 25 years later, the Press Club bar is closed and the Internet has totally made forgotten the techniques.
Other times, other manners ...
Picture: Bernard Bujold reading Michel Gratton's book
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jeudi 20 janvier 2011

Pierre Jasmin and the music of Chopin

The artist Pierre Jasmin has released an album of piano music to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Chopin, whose exact date of birth was 1 March 2010.
If the launch of the album CHOPIN 200e JASMIN was to intimate and sober, the album itself is top quality and will undoubtedly become a part of the classical interpretations of Chopin's work.
Here the links to some pictures of the pianist and music teacher Pierre Jasmin taken at the official launch of his album at the Centre Pierre Péladeau Montreal Wednesday, January 19, 2011 and an interview made previously at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal.
Photo 1: Pierre Jasmin;
Photo 2: Cover of the album;
Photo 3: Bernard Bujold listening to the album;

mardi 18 janvier 2011

The discovery of author Louise Penny

The creator of Bernard Bujold, discovered the author of thriller Louise Penny by chance at the suggestion of a friend press secretary.
"Initially, I did not really want to read her book because I lack time for reading and, in polar, I'm a fan of Kathy Reichs (Bones). Moreover, I had just finished the third volume of the trilogy by Stieg Larsson and I liked it so much that I did not want to break my pleasure with a writer that I didn't know. I accepted anyway, and I was surprised by the pace and writing style of Louise Penny. I first read in French "EN PLEIN COEUR" and next in English" BURRY YOUR DEAD "and I just finished the book that is coming out in bookstores now: "SOUS LA GLACE"
According to me, Louise Penny is the author of choice to discover and her talent is equal to the one of Reichs and Larsson. Her characters are captivating and one wonders where the author has found such an inspiration. One could only wishes now that Louise Penny find herself a television producer to bring to the screen Inspector Armand Gamache. A series that would be worthy of NCIS, Bones or Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck.
In the meantime, we must take advantage of her books ...
P.S. I forgot! Louise Penny will be at my favorite bookstore for a signing session this Friday, January 21 in Montreal (Indigo on Ste-Catherine at 1 pm ).
Photo 1: Cover of book SOUS LA GLACE;
Photo 2 and 3: Louise Penny
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dimanche 16 janvier 2011

The journalist Michel Gratton is dead!

Journalist and former press secretary for Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Michel Gratton (58), was found dead in his apartment in Ottawa on Thursday afternoon January 13. The creator of, Bernard Bujold, had worked with Michel in 1984-85 and he retains warm memories from that time.
"He was a sort of bohemian at heart but a great enthusiast for the French people. He and I did not really have a common links until he heard that I had been a journalist at L'Evangeline in Moncton. He then became friendly with me. Unfortunately, we never became close friends because our characters were too far apart. Michel enjoyed the pleasures of life including alcohol. He considered that his residence was virtually the bar at the Press Club where he loved to share with other journalists on Parliament Hill.
He was a natural charmer, but he was humble and he never used his credential as press secretary to seduce. One day, I heard him answer a girl, who was asking him about his work in the PMO, that he was a janitor at the Langevin building.
Michel had a passion for journalism and I think that his greatest pride was his work at the newspaper Le Droit. He was curious and had the claim to be aware of all secrets. Once, some journalists of the Press Gallery had published a scoop without him knowing it and dealing with Brian Mulroney. The latter complained to his press secretary reminding him that he should know everything and that his work was mainly to inform the Prime Minister before the public was.
If I wanted to summarize who Michel Gratton was, I would say that he was a sort of John Wayne. Efficient and precise in its actions despite its messy look like, liking alcohol and women, sense of humor and often moody but always generous and willing to help the man or woman in need.
Dear Michael, I am glad to have known you! "
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vendredi 14 janvier 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger is visiting Montreal

The politician and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger will come to visit Canada and he will be in Montreal on January 27 as speaker. His visit to Montreal will be a sort of greeting to the city of
Ben Weider, who with his brother Joe is responsible for the moving to the United States of the former world champion of bodybuilding. Arnold Schwarzenegger will deliver his address to the
Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal.
Unfortunately, his mentor Ben Weider died in October 2008.
Photo 1: Arnold Schwarzenegger;
Photo 2: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ben Weider (March 2008)
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jeudi 13 janvier 2011

Barack Obama visits Tuscon Arizona

The Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has opened her eyes for a few minutes after Barack Obama's visit to the hospital in Tucson, Arizona. U.S. President gave a rallying speech in front of more than 26,000 people Wednesday, January 12 in two arenas where he wanted to restore the confidence of residents in this city which suffered a crazed gunman.
Photo 1: Daniel Hernandez, Barack and Michelle Obama, Mark Kelly (Reuters);
Photo 2: Michelle Obama and Mark Kelly (Reuters);
Photo 3: Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly (Reuters)

mardi 11 janvier 2011

Myspace might be closing!

Myspace sacked half of its 1000 employees (11 January 2011) and News Corp. owner threatens to close down the site by the months unless it becomes more profitable ...
Rupert Murdoch bought the site in 2005 for $ 580 million (US).
(To be continued)
Photo 1: Logo Myspace;
Photo 2: Rupert Murdoch
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lundi 10 janvier 2011

How to live in the Eternity?

It is possible to live forever on the Internet!
The New York Times Magazine published a story on the subject which shows that our publications on various social websites survive our death.
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Tragedies in United States

Politics in the United States is currently experiencing one of the major tragedies in its history and the massacre that occurred in Arizona questions freedom of expression and the radicalism of the American political right. The violence is even more serious because the offender is a U.S. citizen who has committed acts of terrorism against the elected people of his own country. One victim, the young girl aged 9, was born on September 11, 2001.
Photo 1 and 2 Gabrielle Giffords
Photo 3: New York in September 2001 and the girl of 9 years in Arizona (inset)
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Gaston L'Heureux is dead

The host star of radio and television in Quebec Gaston L'Heureux died Saturday, Jan. 8 when he was hospitalized. The man was greatly loved by the public and it had not forgotten the artist despite its withdrawal from the spotlight following a car accident in 2007 and since he had been confined to a wheelchair.
Photo: Gaston L'Heureux
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lundi 3 janvier 2011

Predictions for the New Year 2011

The new year 2011 will be full of surprises. Here's a look at the main predictions for 2011 by The Financial Times of London and by expert columnist in Internet technology for The Wall Street Journal, Walt Mossberg..
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