vendredi 21 janvier 2011

Journalism according to Michel Gratton

The funeral of Michel Gratton ex-Press Secretary of Brian Mulroney are held today Friday January 21 in Ottawa (Vanier).
Bernard Bujold read for a second time the autobiography of Gratton.
"One day Gratton invited me to go check on what the journalists are saying about the topics of the day. I suggest we go for a walk in the offices of the Tribune Building in Central Block and that we chat with journalists preparing their texts for the next day. Michael had in mind instead of going to the bar at The Press Club...
It was in 1985 when journalists began to split into two clans.
Those without a university education who relied on human exchange to get the news and the emerging journalists, the graduates who were working in accordance with techniques.
Now 25 years later, the Press Club bar is closed and the Internet has totally made forgotten the techniques.
Other times, other manners ...
Picture: Bernard Bujold reading Michel Gratton's book
See picture of the times of Brian Mulroney ;

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