lundi 24 janvier 2011

Death of Le Journal de Montréal

Michel Houellebecq wrote in his novel LA CARTE ET LE TERRITOIRE there is a window to enter a life event. After this window, the event will never be possible. Here he talks about the love between his main character and another female character trying to reconnect together after several years of separation.
It's the same situation in all the events of life. There is a moment when the decision is taken and which will determine the future without being possible to return to starting point.
Le Journal de Montreal is at the stage of no return and its former existence will never be possible because the settlement window is in the past.
The error of the employees of the Journal de Montreal is not to have realized the reality the conflict in early 2009. An agreement was on the table and each of the two parties were ready to sign but Quebecor wanted to add cuts on working conditions. The union would then categorically refused convinced to be able to win over Quebecor and this was the beginning of the end and
the lockout. If employees of the Journal de Montréal had another union leadership, who could have communicate with the president of Quebecor, it is likely that agreement would have been possible.
In union bargaining, there are two basic elements to evaluate. The employment contract is one, but most important is communication between the boss and the union president. All great leaders I have known applied this approach to their work and they knew excellent results. I am thinking particularly of Pierre Péladeau father and Brian Mulroney. The latter, who was a union lawyer before becoming Prime Minister of Canada, was always preparing his labor negotiations with an analysis of people characte at the table then and only then, looked at clauses in employment contracts.
Raynald LeBlanc and Pierre-Karl Peladeau are like day and night and no dialogue has never been possible, and will never be possible! This is due to the incompatibility of each. The employees should have changed their Union's president's since the contrary is impossible with Pierre Karl Peladeau who owns the company Quebecor ...
The situation of La Presse (Gesca) is an example of good communication between employer and employees. Employees have reduced their working conditions and the paper survived the very serious threat of closure by Power Corp..
Negotiate a collective agreement is like selling and buying a car. For the mechanic, the important thing is not to have the perfect contract but to get the car out of the garage and for the customer it is to drive a car!
Photo 1: News room at Rue Frontenac
Photo 2: Assemblage with the book cover THE MAP AND THE TERRITORY
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