lundi 13 janvier 2014

LISE PAYETTE - The story of a woman ...

Bernard Bujold ( - 
The TV documentary "Lise Payette : un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin" is a captivating look at a time in the history of modern Quebec especially the beautiful early years of television to the government of René Lévesque in 1976 and ending with student demonstrations in the spring of 2012. 
Lise Payette is a prominent figure for the people of her time and all those who knew her will greatly appreciate the documentary, while the younger ones will discover a significant character in the story Quebec. One may agree or disagree about her political ideologies, but her visions about human life, the love between two people and aging are particularly moving. The documentary will be shown again on public tv Télé-Québec network and broadcast on the private tv network TVA this next spring.
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