jeudi 1 septembre 2011

Conrad Black will be back soon...

Conrad Black is defining himself as a survivor and a warrior at heart.
The former world Press Tycoon has survived his stay in prison and he intends to return to get his former image back as well as his fortune which is now valued at approximately $ 80 million. He will soon publish his memoirs (A Matter of Principle) and he is granting a few interviews with media as the one to Vanity Fair magazine (October 2011 edition).
Conrad Black is a character who defends his ideas and he was a great Media Owner especially as the creator of the National Post.
In a sense, his book is a testament to courage in facing the obstacles that arise in one life and the importance of resilience.
Good luck to you Conrad Black!

Photo 1: Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel in Vanity Fair;
Photo 2: Conrad Black;
Photo 3: Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel;
See Vanity Fair story ;
See book review: A Matter of Principle ;

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