mardi 6 septembre 2011

The author Louise Penny published two new thrillers...

The author Louise Penny has published two new thrillers (a French translation of "The Cruelest Month" and one original in English "A Trick of the Light").
The path of this novelist brings to mind the battle between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in tennis. Indeed, Penny quickly became a master in the world of thrillers close behind another great author, Kathy Reichs, who is also just publishing two new books (one translation and one original) for a total of 18 in her career.
Louise Penny has published seven books to date.

Picture 1 and 2: Louise Penny ;
Picture 3: Cover of the two new books of Louise Penny ;
Picture 4: Kathy Reichs and her character Bones (Emily Deschanel) ;

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