vendredi 1 octobre 2010

The woman photographer - Michèle Dionne

Michele Dionne has great talent as a photographer!
Personally, I do not support the Red Cross in any of its causes. This behavior dates from the flood in the Saguenay Lac St-Jean (the small white house in July 1996). I negotiated for Pierre Péladeau creating a special fund of $ 1 million to the Red Cross to help the people of Saguenay. Ultimately, much of the funds went to help the people of Manitoba. Péladeau had neither forgotten nor forgiven when he died in December 1997 ... He did not accept that his money (Quebecor - Donohue) go help the English West ...
That said, Michele Dionne's book is very well done and her photos are worthy of National Geographic quality.
I attended the launch and must admit that Michele Dionne is a woman with class, beautiful and a great photographer.
I could compare her with Mila Mulroney as the couple Dionne-Charest is a bit like Brian and Mila when they were in the political life. Except that Mila had more "character" than Michele and Brian Mulroney more ambition than Jean Charest.
Physically, there is also the appearance of Princess Diana in the silhouette and in the eyes of Michele Dionne.
I recommend the book, not to help the Red Cross, but for its high quality as a photo book.
Here are some pictures that I took at the launch party held in Montreal (September 30-2010)

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