jeudi 7 octobre 2010

Larry King Live from Montreal...

Larry King left Montreal with ... a bag full of bagels! He said he would eat some during the return trip on his private jet.
The host star of CNN gave a sort of 'master classes' on the art of journalism and his career in front of nearly 1,000 guests at an evening fundraiser for the Jewish community of Montreal. (Combined Jewish Appeal - Federation CJA)
Asked who he would like to receive as a guests on CNN before his departure on 16 December, Larry King said Bernard Madoff, to who he would ask why he did not flee the United States? The interview is not confirmed yet but they're working on it.
Another guest, he probably would never receive would be Bin Laden. His first question would be why he left one of the richest families in his country?
Bernard Bujold took several photos of Larry King during his lecture and he presents them here with a summary of some of his best stories.

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