mercredi 13 octobre 2010

33 Miners in Chile : Courage, inspiration and luck!

The President of Chile (Sebastian Pinera) played his career on the fate of the miners and he won his bet and even more ...
While everyone wanted to close the well, he ordered the digging and he promised to save the miners. He was lucky because they were actually still alive.
From then on the media have seized upon the cause of the 33 miners in Chile and a global event has been created. The event is followed around the world as if walking on the moon or that one had discovered a treasure. One billion persons have watched on television the exit of the first miner.
There are more serious accidents in the world be it wars and the death of soldiers or other tragedy, and they affect more than 33 victims. But the Chilean miners have become a symbol of courage and survive despite the obstacles. They have become a source of inspiration!
This is called "a historic world event" !
Picture 1: President of Chile;
Picture 2: A miner and his wife;

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