vendredi 29 octobre 2010

A media needs a leader...

The website Rue Frontenac needs a leader!
Any media, or any of the institutions or companies in our society, exists only insofar as its leader exists and is passionate towards his project.
Le Journal de Montreal was the work of Pierre Peladeau father's and Videotron will be the work of his son Pierre-Karl like The National Post was the work of Conrad Black. Note that Black want to return to the media and his return is highly desirable and hopeful!
The information site Frontenac Street is a beautiful creation but it lacks a true leader and finance person that would make the website permanent with a vocation for profits. Someone who will make this project "his work" and his passion!
The secret of success for the people at Rue Frontenac is to understand that Le Journal de Montreal of yesterday is dead and no longer exists! Their future lies with the site Rue Frontenac!
Photo 1 : Journalists at Rue Frontenac;
Photo 2: Bernard Bujold and the first paper edition of Rue frontenac;
Photo 3: Conrad Black
Link site Rue Frontenac

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