lundi 4 octobre 2010

The English in Old Quebec... - Louise Penny

Bernard Bujold read during the weekend the new book (in English) by Louise Penny: "Bury your Dead". She has also written (in French) and now in book stores: "En plein coeur." (See article dated 13 September 2010)
Both are thrillers in the style of Kathy Reichs, but more descriptive about the places.
"Bury Your Dead" takes place in Old Quebec and the story revolves around a historian who seeks the tomb of Champlain and is found murdered in the basement of the library of the anglophone community of Quebec.
In addition to an great thriller, the author presents the vision and the fears of the English-speaking community as a minority in Quebec. Too bad the book is not available in French since it joined the debate surrounding the article in Maclean's Magazine about Québec ...
A must read!
Photo 1: Cover of the book;
Photo 2: Louise Penny
Link to website Louise Penny

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