samedi 30 octobre 2010

Conrad Black was a great newspapers owner

The case of Conrad Black make people talking and Bernard Bujold ( received some comments criticizing his support to Conrad Black.
Here is his response with respect to these criticisms.
"I'm not suggesting to give the website Rue Frontenac to Conrad Black for him to manage. This would makes no sense.
I say however that the work of Conrad Black is admirable in terms of media and he was an great media owner that was very creative. As I known him in my past career, I could say that man is admirable.
I used my comment about Rue Frontenac (see text below) to greet this great media man. Now, if he has committed crimes, then he should be punished.
But I think his crimes, if crimes there is, are less serious than those of people as Guy Cloutier who sexually abused Nathalie Simard or as Guy Lafleur, who had lied to the judge to help her son who used violence on his girlfriend..
Now if one is accepting that Guy Lafleur was a great hockey player or that the enterprise of Guy Cloutier, now run by his daughter, Veronica, is a great business in the artistic world; why not admit that Conrad Black was a great magnate of the press?
In terms of website Rue Frontenac, I think it's a newspaper owner from Quebec who should buy Le Journal de Montreal and restructure it with a new business plan.
If Quebecor made a mistake, it's in the way he negociated with his employees. The management of the Journal de Montréal should have done as the one of La Presse (Gesca) and propose new working conditions or be ready to close shop.
Employees at La Presse have adapted as they did not want the newspaper to close and they accepted new rules but the cards were on the table.
Rue Frontenac site was created by the union, but the site is become one of the best information sites in Montreal. I do not think to close it would be a profitable move for anyone, neither the public nor to the Quebec media community as a whole. "
Photo: Conrad Black
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