mardi 19 octobre 2010

Colonel David Russell Williams - A Sex Maniac

A series of sex crimes and murders incredible but true!
And the worst part is that the police found the culprit by pure chance.
The Colonel David Williams from the Canadian Army Corps was arrested at a roadblock and because of its status as the Colonel, he was simply greeted and invited to go except that an investigator noticed his tire tracks in the snow which were similar to the one of the murderer's car that they were looking for.
Colonel Williams raped and killed his victims (two) and then he photographed himself naked with the underwear of the women he had dominated ....
The story is worthy of the the cruelest episodes of Criminal Minds ...
David Russell Williams pleaded guilty to 84 criminal accusations.
Picture 1 and 2: Canadian Colonel David Russell Williams;
Picture 3: Colonel Davis Russell Williams and his wife in Ottawa (Orleans)

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