mardi 28 septembre 2010

A good intention gone bad...

Sometimes a good intention is not appreciated and turns negative ...
Arguably this is the case of the photo exhibition "Portraits d'influence" by photographer Marie-Claude Hamel and installed at Place Ville Marie (Montreal). Hamel shot pictures of 35 people of influence in Quebec. Tuesday noon while Bernard Bujold ( passed before the exhibition, he heard people murmur against those people of influence whose among them is Jean Charest ...
Bernard even said that he had to almost use force against the person who accompanied him for lunch (an employee locked out of the Journal de Montreal) when the person saw the photo of Pierre Karl Peladeau. The employee wanted to tear in pieces the photo of the president of Quebecor!
"Fortunately, I calmed him down and he accepted not to do it." says, laughing Bernard Bujold
Photo 1: Jean Charest
Photo 2: Pierre-Karl Péladeau

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