lundi 20 septembre 2010

Erotic according to Anne-Marie Losique...

It was autumn 1997 at the World Film Festival of Montreal. I met there the daughter of the founding president of WFF Serge Losique, Anne-Marie, during one of the official functions of the festival. I had found her very friendly but slightly prudish ...
A close friend of Anne-Marie had introduced me by suggesting that I become Anne-Marie's boyfriend as she was single at the time ... (Like today actually)
Finally, we exchanged our cards, but neither one nor the other had responded. At the time, I had seen Anne-Marie fairly bright and above all she seemed to have developed a business acumen as her father, a character that I like very much. (He would have made an excellent stepfather ...)
Today in 2010, the success of Anne-Marie demonstrates clearly that she understand business and television. She has just published a photo book and she is starting an erotic television station on the cable next month.
Picture1: Book cover
Picture 2: Anne-Marie Losique and Bernard Bujold -1997

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