vendredi 24 septembre 2010

The corruption in Quebec...

The Quebec Province is described as "the most corrupt province in Canada" in Maclean's magazine currently on newsstands (October 4, 2010). The magazine highlights in the story of 5 pages hearings of the Commission Bastarache who study the appointment of judges in relation to financial backers of Quebec Liberal Party. The report also highlights several other recent cases amongst which the secret wage of $75,000 to Jean Charest.
Note that Premier Jean Charest has appeared before the Commission Bastarache and several observers criticize the conduct of Commissioner Michel Bastarache that is considered too favorable to Jean Charest and his lawyers and more severe to lawyers
representing the plaintiffs.
Photo 1: Michel Bastarache;
Photo 2: Jean Charest;
Photo 3: Cover of Maclean's.
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