vendredi 25 novembre 2011

The evacuation of protesters OCCUPY MONTREAL - The end of a show ...

Finally the removal of protesters Occupy Montreal was an anti-spectacle ...
Around thirty young people, mostly teenagers, who danced in the streets under the eyes of many curious and under the amused look of over fifty policeman in simple ordinary working clothes ... There were also two or three homeless people who asked where to go for a free meal. No cavalry with horses, no clubs, nothing except a few police officers without a helmet or stick ...
We can say that the event was like the end of a festival and dismantling of platform.
If Bernard Bujold ( had his umbrella broken at the inauguration of the event on 15 october (See link to photo album below), nothing spectacular to tell for the evacuation of 25 November. Here are some pictures of the event. /
Picture 1,2 and 3: Evacuation ;
Picture 4: bernard Bujold ( ;

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