lundi 16 janvier 2012

The future of the Liberal Party of Canada and the challenge of Bob Rae ...

A democratic election in Canada is like a sporting event.
Currently Stephen Harper is the great champion and opponents in the running are too weak to win an election against him. Jack Layton would have had chances, especially if there had been merged with the Liberal Party but he died. Bob Rae would be a possibility but the Canadian politics is like in sports, nothing is a foregone conclusion and the game is played in the arena of the popularity of the moment ...
In a sense, however, the Canadian system is more democratic than U.S. because there, this is the financial machine that determines the winner.
A story to follow, both in Canada and the United States ...

Photo 1: Bob Rae;
Photo 2: Stephen Harper;
Photo 3: Jack Layton;
See comment about Bob Rae ;
See reporting convention of the Liberal Party-The Globe and Mail ;

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