mardi 10 janvier 2012

The poker champion Jonathan Duhamel and the art of winning...

The world champion of poker 2010 Jonathan Duhamel is the center of media attention since last December following the invasion and the violent attack he suffered at his home in Boucherville and for which one of the three accused is his ex-girlfriend.
But Jonathan Duhamel is also the author of a very interesting book worth reading and which has nothing to do with his romantic misadventures. Indeed, the book CARTES SUR TABLE published by Editions de l'Homme is a true 10-point guide on how to achieve life goals, whether at poker or other professional fields or sports. A book to read for those who want to learn to succeed...
Note that the judge has sentenced the former girlfriend of Jonathan to stay in jail until the trial for the invasion and attack...

Photo 1 and 2: Jonathan Duhamel ;
Phioto 2: Euros ;
Photo4: Jonathan Duhamel and his ex-girl friend Bianca Rojas-Latraverse ;
See web page of the book ;
See judge's decision on the charges of attacks ;

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