vendredi 19 juillet 2013


by Bernard Bujold ( - 
The publication on the front page of a photo of Boston Marathon terrorist by Rolling Stone raised a protest movement in the United States with some citizens, but the editors of various media advocate the use of such a picture as being an editorial look and not a support to the individual. They are right! 
Here in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, we could say the same of Lac Mégantic. All media fill their space (internet, paper or TV) with reports on the subject including biographical texts about Edward Burkhardt. If the media does not do so, the public is disappointed because we expect from the media to tell us about the bad news. In a sense, the scandals and tragedies are the stars of the day, and it is the public who wants that! 
According to The New York Times, the scandal of the photo should push the sales of the magazine Rolling Stone to an exceptional amount well beyond its usual numbers... 
Photo 1: Cover of Rolling Stone magazine;
Photo 2: Edward Burkhardt;
See report ROLLING STONE magazine
Editorial The New York Times ;

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