lundi 29 juillet 2013

LUC BEAUREGARD (1941-2013)

by Bernard Bujold ( -
Seriously ill for several months with cancer, Luc Beauregard (72 next month) died Friday July 26, 2013. He founded the public relations firm National. 
I had known the character well since in the late 1980s when his office was located at 1600 boul. Rene Levesque West, Montreal where we discussed the possibility that I opened an office of National in Ottawa. Finally, the negotiations did not succeed and it is Luc Lavoie who opened later the office in Ottawa and I found myself Assistant to the President of Quebecor, Pierre Peladeau. Oddly enough, the destiny wanted that the same Luc Lavoie became assistant to Pierre-Karl Peladeau a few years after I left Quebecor... 
Luc Beauregard and I stayed good friends until, for an unknown reason, Peladeau would not pay a $ 10,000 bill for advice provided by National Public Relations to a Quebecor subsidiary. Luc Beauregard approached me to be paid but I could not convince the president to do so... 
Beauregard was not revenger but he had a long memory. When Peladeau died in 1997 and I had to get myself a new employment, Luc often put a spoke in my wheels because of this story od a invoice refused. I even lost a job where I started in the morning but I had to leave in the afternoon after a phone call from National cabinet suggesting not to use my services or otherwise it would cause problems. It was in the government of Bernard Landry in 2002. 
I knew for several months that Luc was terminally ill with cancer. I never talked about this situation because I wanted to respect his agony. Even though we were on bad terms during the last year of his life, I retain a warm memory of Luc including a trip we had done together in the James Bay as an observer. That was in 1994! 
Luc Beauregard has marked the history of Montreal, as well as mine, and his departure saddens me because it also means the end of an important chapter in the book of my own life... 
No hard feelings dear Luc and goodbye! 
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